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Yeah 3 stories about people not getting their free money for no work done? Fucking silly. How about the thousands upon thousands of people that fall victim to actual fraud? A non story, GJ...

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Removing one unbelievable cash-grab isn't going to change shit. I'd really like to play Battlefield 4. Not going to in a million years.

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Can't be that bad because you keep posting the damn picture of it.......

All this liberal "let's just all get along" bullshit needs to stop soon. You're not solving anything vilifying massive swaths of people, be it men, gamers, women or gun owners.

The statue wasn't hurting anyone, at least not anymore than Django Unchained hurt people and everyone seem fairly fine with that movie. I'm confounded that movies get away with just about anything while the gaming industry is to blame for everything. Are all you liberals really so naive that you think only 13 year old kids who play video games yell "Niggerwhore!" at the top of their lungs when they get excited? I promise you that ain't the case. They learn those words from the man or woman sitting next to you at the office by the way, you know, their parents.

For all you guys who think women need your help. Shush! For all you women who think all men don't respect you. Shush!

Here's the real problem really. Should women have equal pay for equal work done. Obviously. Should that be mandated by law? No but for now it has to be because too many people, including women, don't care! Can this be fixed by being outraged over a GOD DAMN! statue of a grim sex object. Fucking of course not and if you think it does you're still a naive child.

You're not going to change western culture by going "You're the DEVIL!" at everything you don't like. It's not going to work anymore. Even the racists and misogynists are to smart and post-modern to fall for mock shaming anymore. The last thing that worked for was smoking, barely worked for. A twitter uproar lasts for maybe a few days before the cattle move on to the next thing. When was the last time you thought of Kony or Amanda Todd? What did any of that actually do? It made millions of white rich people feel good for a few days but nothing was actually changed in politics by either.

In the end you change peoples opinions about things by having discussions with them. Even raising a child you eventually have to talk to them. My grandparents were racists 10 years ago. They're not anymore. My grandad was a mean drunk 20 years ago, he's not anymore. That wasn't accomplished by the rest of us ignoring their racists remarks or not saying anything. It was just time, and talking.

You're not going to change everyone's mind at once. Again to think that you can is just naive in the sort of connected place we now live in. If you were offended by a torso of a bloody woman without legs, head or arms. Fine. But I really don't care because I don't know you, so SHUSH!

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Thing is you can't sign away basic legal rights. Now if class-action is one of those is up to an actual court to decide, not you as an individual clicking something on the internet.

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1991-2012? Maybe not but all your money into one basket ey...

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That's @Jace said:

CBS, please go grab Rich. GB needs a decent east coast correspondent. Most of the GB community already loves the guy, he would be a great fit.

"By Alex Navarro"

soooo mean.....

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This is the reveal you idiots!

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As an armchair moron I really agree with some youtuber I watched a while ago. "Do you really want to incentivise the people who don't care enough to vote to vote?"

Also I guess; Halo 4.... couldn't care less, it's predecessors along with the Xbox have already done all the damage to FPS games as it can.

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On Tomb of Freedon Nadd EU the queues during the afternoon and evening is about 6 hours. If you intend to play on a normal hour you need to log in at 1 p.m. at the latest to get in between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

They have French and German servers but no Spanish or Italian and both those communities chose the same server....

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