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Goddamn the news hit me hard, haven't missed a podcast or stream with Ryan for probably two years now. Don't know if the realization that he's gone will ever sink in with me.

Going to miss you, Ryan.

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I need to dig out my old CD and find the patch files again, though I may just drop the money to rebuy the game all over again just for the convenience of having a digital copy that will run on modern systems for sure.

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I remember growing up and not having a memory card for the N64 would mean not ever getting around to finishing most of my game rentals. Thankfully it was mostly cheap/crappy games that didn't have internal saves.

Other then that...I think it was a couple PSX RPG saves that I either lost or deleted for space and could never bring myself to wrap them up.

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It seemed like the kind of game that could of turn out to be a decent Smash clone but maaaaaaaaaan every video or demo I've watched looked so boring. Really was just a quick cash in to advertise upcoming Playstation games.

Hope the developers find new work soon. :c

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Really happy La-Mulana finally made the list, even through all my friends and myself already own it via other digital distributions.

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Get the feeling that BF3 will soon be on the wayside at the start of the next gaming quarter as EA starts ramping up the hype for BF4 from then until years end, going off the trend for them to alternate between this and the now laughably generic MoH games that do nothing to stand out in the gaming market. If we're lucky then they'll offer beta keys for BFPremium users to generate some last minute interest in their current release and keep the community active on all platforms.

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It will be nothing but FPS quick time events which only allow half a second reaction times.

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Between this and Dishonored my fill of stealth mechanics is going to be good by years end.

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Love how these are turning out, can't wait to see how far you go with this.

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I want to make Jeffs music into my ringtone now.

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