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I never want to climb a tower to synchronize ever again.

Just wait until we have to synchronize on top of a water tower in the Old West!

*screams internally*

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@sanzee said:

Halo 4's storyline was fine. The problem was that it assumed you had read all the books. If you had read all the books, it was a real treat. If you hadn't read the books, you were left scratching your head. Especially about the Didact and what not.

Then it's a story told badly so...bad story. If the audience doesn't know what the hell you're characters are talking about then you're doing a bad job. Whether that is Schlerf's fault or someone else we do not know.

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*slaps belly*

All you kids are missing out on these goods now.

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Man I played the shit of the X-Wing demo when I was a kid. I can't wait to play the full game all these years later.

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Best of luck to such a great talent. I hope she joins up with Christina Coffin (coder from DICE who created the Frostbite engine) and makes some super rad game.

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@turboman said:

She completely disappeared from public eye since the first Assassin's Creed it feels like. Hopefully she makes something cool post-Ubisoft.

That's because there was a bit of a negative response to her being at the forefront of the AC1 PR campaign. Let me put on my tin foil hat for a minute here:

@murdoc_ said:

She was never a developer, she never "made" a video game. Just to get the facts right, she's a business women, not a developer.

Like murdoc_ says, Jade Raymond wasn't the creative visionary behind Assassin's Creed; Patrice Desilets was. But, Jade's really pretty, right? So Ubisoft parades her around as the "face" of Assassin's Creed because that's a good idea. To Jade's credit, she was always super humble and quick to point out and reiterate that the game is from Patrice's head, not hers, and she always talked about how awesome her entire team was. She never claimed to be on the creative side of the game's development and clearly stated that she was just the producer (not to belittle her contributions). But it all felt super sleazy on Ubisoft's part and people responded poorly towards it. I like to think that Ubisoft realized that they had been caught and decided to let the actual creative director of the franchise run the PR circle for the follow up games, like they should have done in the first place.

Anyway! I hope that Jade Raymond goes off and does something cool again.

No it's not because she was a producer and like film or TV producers often do PR work for the shows they produce. There was absolutely nothing "sleazy" about Ubisoft having the producer of Assassin's Creed do press for Assassin's Creed.

@spraynardtatum: I don't think she really took the spotlight much after the first assassins creed.

Yeah. She had to deal with some pretty insane harassment for literally just being a woman working on the game during that press tour. I don't blame her.

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All I have to say is I hope Giant Bomb keeps supporting women in the industry (and gets better at it) and everyone shoting at the GB crew chills the hell out.

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@nurabsal said:

Why is it so hard for the big game journalism sites to do a story that covers both sides?

"Excuse me sir! Yes, you over there being a dick head on the internet. Can you provide us with your version of events about that time you were a part of a harassment campaign against women?"

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Goddamn I would totally buy this if you could do the whole Bomb crew similar to how the Night Owls print was done.

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@pr1mus said:

Definitely better than Google. It's a big step in preventing a monopoly for one thing. All twitch really needs is the financial backing to improve its infrastructures and not get demolished in court in the inevitable lawsuits it will face and Amazon can do that as well as google. And unlike google, not everything amazon touches turns into actual shit. That last one is a big plus.

This is essentially my thought on it too. If Google snapped them up it would have given Google a dominating lead on internet streaming across the planet so Amazon buying up Twitch means more competition. Whether that harms or benefits Twitch in the long run remains to be seen.