Wah hey!

I actually knocked out super sup check!  The last 2 days were hairy as I didn't get an update pop-up for 28 days.  Luckily I found you could check the quest progress and it looked like I had got credit so I kept on trucking and here I am. :-D

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Quests... complete-ish.

Seems like I've knocked out just about all the quests one can do, "easily."
 Yeah some easy stuff like a big Wiki edit or 'Sup Checks for a month still but still, I'm surprised I've bottomed out so fast.
I assume quests like the secret moderator stuff are pretty exclusive...
Now I see why folks want more "hunt" quests!

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"Ho Hum Blargh" indeed.
I should blog here instead of my freebie blog I guess.  Maybe.