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@tadthuggish: Do not call people "turds" on the site, regardless of whether they're site members or otherwise.

Totally agree, lets try and keep things calm and steady. He was probably just inspired by Alex's "shitlord" post on twitter. Keep up the hard work Matt Rorie!

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Again, it's a bummer to hear about layoffs, but would we really care if a couple of people from the studio weren't inside-jokey "friends of the site"?


Good to know what kind of person you are though.

A reasonably compassionate and a under the surface contemplative type? Unless I'm miss reading some hostility here.

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I believe in Vinny.

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@grantheaslip: I think the reason the argument keeps running in circles and you keep having to correct people on the usage of uncanny valley is that, yes, it is being used to describe the wrong phenomenon, and yes, you're pointing that out and telling people what that term should be used to describe, but you're not providing the correct term for the phenomenon Patrick Klepek, the Extra Credits guys, and anyone else misusing uncanny valley with regards to Kinect are trying to describe. If there is distinct term for "close to normal human motions but just not close enough to not be uncomfortable" the same way that uncanny valley describes "close to looking like a human but just not close enough to not be uncomfortable", it's likely that people either don't know what that term is or that it simply doesn't exist. If it does exist, please let us know ('cause frankly I'd appreciate knowing too, I don't like having to use the wrong term due to my lack of vocabulary), and if it truly doesn't, then well...what term would you suggest?

The whole thing reminds me (to use an odd example off the top of my head) of people who get upset by people who use the term rogue-like to describe games whose levels are randomly/procedurally-generated, have permadeath, etc etc, but really aren't that much like the original Rogue besides some vague, general features. That seems to be giving rise to odd terms like Rogue-like-like or Rogue-Lite, so what might we call the "Uncanny Valley of Motion Control" so as to not set off any alarms in the same way?

I think you're spot on with the rogue-like analogy. Mostly because I came to the same line of thought myself. I'm glad someone else has already posited the theory so I don't have to. =) Or maybe we should all go analogy crazy and start "stabbing" people with bullets because, hey, close enough! (I kid!)

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Also I love Davos (Captain Beard), and I feel like I'm the only person, because my friends all think he's boring as shit. Can someone tell me if I'm alone or not?

Onion Knight rocks duder. You are not alone.

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Danny is already a Giant Bomb Member, not sure if he's a Subscriber though and he's certainly not becoming Staff.

Glad someone beat me to it on this one. Cheers!

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This is nothing new to puzzle gaming. Remember all of those copies/remakes of Tetris and Puzzle Bubble? Heck even Popcap has straight up ripped off Blasitic (Zuma} and Magical Drop (Astropop).Good ideas are always reused, this has now only become a problem because before people just paid for the game, now it's all funded by adverts.

HA, heck yeah Ballistic / Puzz Loop vs. Zuma. I very much remember, with Zuma, thinking, "This is SO much better than that crap old arcade game." That's the way to "clone" a game, make a better one in damn near every respect, audio, graphics, gameplay loop. Cloning leads to weird stuff like Giana Sisters and the kookiness that has grown out of that rip/spin-off. Though, I have to admit, I'm biased a bit in favor of allowing some leeway on the clone side mainly because I'm not a fan of our current copyright system in the U.S. I'd settle for a far shorter duration of copyright since people will probably flip out at the concept of no copyrights at all.

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How deliciously embarrassing for Mr. Wahlberg.

Well lets be fair, Arrested Development the show is over a decade old! I knew what Scoops was referencing but why would I if I was a much younger person? Or even from another country, etc. I prefer to think he was just sharing the joy of Arrested Development instead of shaming someone which would just be petty. =)

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I got to agree with some of the blips and bugs really detracting from the game. Sound stutter during what seems to be any hard drive access, temporary/micro freezes mid level that then dump you back in to gameplay as though nothing happened, usually resulting in an enemy giving you a bit of business. The biggy seems to be folks getting a lot of crashes on the first red mission or random crashes if not there.

Liking it though, would have been a lot more upset with these if it wasn't the PS+ game of the month. But, at the same time, thinking it's not really the most surefire, shithot, game to be pushing PS+ with either, yet. Maybe a patch so we could use 1/2 the screen when playing 2p local (rather than 1/4) would be nice too, but not mandatory. Game seems to show it's kickstarter, indie, roots in a lot of ways.

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@butano said:

Kingdom Come Batman. Even when he's old and barely held up via an exoskeleton, he's still the world's greatest detective.

Somehow it disappoints me that Batman eats well-done steak.

Bless you man, glad to know I'm not alone in this sentiment. =)

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Seems like an amazing cabinet to pick up for only $300.

You'll be able to play a huge swath of other Jamma games if you go down that road, as well.