Bringing the Fight Home: Home versions of brawlers that done good for themselves... and a few that didn't.

One of my favorite, possibly the favorite, arcade games of all time is Final Fight.  Although simple enough in game play it has stood the proverbial test of time in my heart to the point where  I've even got a stand-up Jamma cabinet with it in the garage!
As I make my way through the back catalog of Bombcasts I notice that the crew has, more or less, declared the side-scrolling beat-'em-up brawler a dead genre in the modern era.  The prevailing wisdom being that old game play style doesn't cut it in the world of today and in order for someone to make a modern brawler they will need to re-invent or innovate game play severely.  I always consider that part of the issue here is the Arcade origins were rather unforgiving game play goes hand in hand with quarter pumping profit making.  Arcade games also used to be where you had to go for the best version of a game with better graphics and sound, a phenomenon that is more or less extinct in these times.  With that in mind, here are some console games, ports and originals, that I thought made great home game substitutes for that arcade experience.   Bear in mind that they needn't have an arcade equivalent and that I'm looking that them in their time, and through rose colored glasses perhaps a bit.

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