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sorta, kinda. did not complete the game since i had already completed the game. and got bored of the game since im a hoarder

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just about any game i feel is better with a controller. also fps's if its not multiplayer. some games dont support controller and some dont make sense to use one but they kinda make sense on there own
i actually have a question, so i play with a ps3 controller on my pc, using motionjoy. i cant use it via bluetooth since there is some compatibility problems. anyway.
if i get a xbox controller can i run it wireless.

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hi there

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no your not some kind of hipster for not liking the last of us, your just either mentally deranged or some kind of xbox chill that never even played the game and just want to hurt the game and sony reputaion, and a major fan boy and your whats wrong with everything in this world.
and im clearly not being serious. just had to do it
but to be honest i loved that game but i can totally get why some would not. or that the combat or controls did not click with them

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no, i dont belive in what they are selling. im fine with people having there beliefs as long as they are not hurting anyone and not trying to ram it down my throat. so im a open minded atheist. most of my country and therefore most of the habbits and customs are of christian protestants but nothing really major. and neither of my parents, actually none in my family that i know of believe in any religion.
in school i had a project that lasted 2 weeks. and i chose religion where i thoroughly studied all kinds of religion and i diddent find anything i could commit to. althought i was forced to it would be zen Buddhism an ofspring of regular Buddhism
dont know if that part helps

M 27, Denmark. job: hard to explain since its a multitude of things combined in to one. so there is really not a direct word for it. but roughly it would be plumber
i have only been to church when im forced to. like babtism, weddings and funerals.

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im using a +10 broadsword i think. cant remember. its heavy hitting and with a fine and fast enough move set i have used it since i got it and later decided to just upgrade it. never found anything else that work using since it either does to little dmg. or to slow with a terrible move set.
i want to use something else but cant really find anything else. really like the dragon tooth but it is terrible. and its also the one i used in ds1 so dont want to go back to the river. and im thinking about respecking to more of a battle mage since i never really got in to that in any of the games, and im not talking about pyro spells only.

@savage said:

Channeller's Trident.

I'm a Deprived who loves to dance.

so... your a de-privat dancer, a dancer for money?

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i think you can make fun of anything as long as its funny

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@grillbar: yep, Smelter Demon has heard every variation of the term "bullshit" from me.

for me it was the second to last final boss, the giant thing in the memory the smelter was actually not that bad, it was hard but i never felt it was unfair. althought it helped to have the sweat spell, the gyrm shield or what ever its called that has 100% phys and fire res and a fire res ring +1
the black gulch boss was also bullshit a single time where i almost had him needed one hit, i had full stam and 100% res phys shield and he somehow hit me thought it dealing a ton of dmg so i only have a little bit of health left but he knocked me in to the fire that then finnished me off since the animation took to long to get up

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i just recently completed the game. i went to take out all the bosses except for the mist heart dragon. and trying to unlock every bonfire plus some of the secret things.
i did not have a problem with the things you mentioned. with the kings ring i guessed it was sorta late game so i just waited until i got it.
the only reason i was not stuck at the windmill part was because of a shit ton of messeges saying to do it but i was a bit to powerful so i could have done it without doing so. even thought the poison heals her and a single lifegem or 2 would anull the poison but it was helpful.
but i was stuck trying to find some locations:
shine of amana. for some reason i could not find it. and i ofc diddent know where to look.
belfry luna, undead purgatory,doors of pharros.
so i was stuck a couple of times due to that having me just run around doig mindless stuff until i finaly found it
and to all the people complaining about wasting pharros stone on something stupid. trust me your not alone. as someone who dont want to rule the rat kingdom and never intended to i have spend way to many stones there

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yep i have stated before at the very first ad, that i was not sure if i liked there being ads in the podcast and especially not in the middle of it. wven thought i completely understood there reasoning for it. this was before they put up the subscriber version. or at least before i realized the option was there.
but they were so good that they dont really feel like ads more like spoofs. so i have no reason to choose the subscriber version since i enjoy them.