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Any food, drik condiment and things in that vein should never exist since the things i have tried has generally been way worse. and diet is still a lie anyway
star wars and star trek have been influential but its so boring. almost as boring as lord of the rings and harry potter.
the majority of the Nintendo games sucks. and they have not many any good consoles or hand held other then the nes/snes and gameboy

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that looks amazing. nice work

@psylah no shame in it. mine is airsoft maybe we could combine it with my

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1. i prefer the old version although there could be changes for different features much like in the way way back machine, where they had different colours and what not.
2. i think a 3d logo like you did is really hard to make without looking crap. not only in general but also for the long run. unless the plan was to change it regularly to something else, kinda like what the bombcast banner used to like.
3. im definatly not crapping on what you have done its pretty damn good. i just personally dont think it would hold up in the long run. for the easons i have already stated. granted that my opinion and i think the only major problem i got with it is the 3d thing. the animation and all is pretty damn good.

i feel like shit for saying it because i feel like comming off as crapping on what you have done and that was definatly not my intention. my intention was to give constructive critisism.
so let me point it out one last time for prince knud (its a saying in my contry so bare with me) youre work is awesome

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thats mine right now

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i just enter it and let it run. sometimes when i actually play it and the stats are low i switch my team out. but really i dont care enough to actually win it. it just gives a chance of getting a card of any rarety with no real effort

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i prefer redbull
but i could also easily drink x ray, cult, faxe kondi booster, husler, bomba
actually most is fine by me
i cant stand monster neither can i stand burn. or the energi drink called pussy, but there was one of the rockstars or maybe it was monster cant remember. it was the blue one, it was the worst that tasted like a mix of soap and potpourri

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i definatly feel the itch. even so far as to play the free trail where you can play up until lvl 20. but i also remember why i quitted in the first place.
grinding a dungeon 1000 times just in hopes of getting your gear then spend a shit ton of gold on enchantments and what not just to do be accepted to do the next dungeon and start all over. i started a few months after burning crusade got released and i quit the game about 14 days after wrath of the lich king came out just because there was nothing left to do other then the same old grind in dungeons and daily quests.
so if it was free sure i might check in every once in a while when i wanted to play a game and had nothing i wanted to play. but actually paying a monthly fee or buying play time. no not interested in that anymore

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Yeah I have kinda wanted to post something about this pretty much since he got on to the site.

It seems like he knows nothing about a lot of the most basic things not only video games related, like game mechanics and what not.

But I mean the whole egg thing was a surprise. I mean some of the things he does not know, was something I thought was pretty basic knowledge.

now the reason I have not said anything before, was that it might seem like hateful, and I didn't know much about the man, I had only seen him like once or so for a short time and heard his name, but really didn't know about him, and it might just have been that instance.

Now let me clarify a little since I'm not all that great at saying what I really mean.


I mean the video content he is in is really funny, even when its lovingly on his behalf.

But in my opinion where he really shines is the bombcast.

And like others have said. We need to get Jason out there as well.

Because I'm hoping for another drew moment, meaning that he might be as awesome as drew is on screen

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i have not had any issues.
people said the same about the ds3 but never had a problem with any of those 3 contollers i had either.well on one of them i could get the left stick to get stuck if i wanted to but nothing that impacted anything.

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i played it a bit and had fun so not really i mean it died out rather fast and i usually dont really care about mp games. but it was a bit different from all the other shooters so it was interesting and fun