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i think there is a case to be made for a lot of good guys to be the actual villan. and i think of link is in the same situation even though in all concepts there are outliers

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i have a question. what made you want to go back from android to iphone?
i feel like i have to point out that im not trying to start deboggle over what side you choose, since i honestly dont care. i was just more interested in your personal opinion why. if it was because you liked the iphone better or you wanted to try something different

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@rorie: cant agree more, the lack of matchmaking is a big oversight.
and be careful with saying you have no friends to play with. you will just get pelted with pm's about friend requests

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  1. better missions/more variety
  2. the option of match making on all missions
  3. more varied scenario
  4. more varied guns. (main weapons is basically 3 rifles either full auto burst or single shot so its basically the same and the hand cannon is terrible in lategame. secondary is more varied but i personally think the shotgun is the worst weapon in the game. and there are only two secondary weapons. its really lacking
  5. clan support
  6. a far fetched idea that will not happen was something like a pvp match with fleet battle. making your different ships actually useful other then just looking different in loading screens.
@crithon said:

simple, better mission variety.

A MAP!!!!!!

If armor set is going to be such a big deal light levels and curcible armor why not a vault or a locker to change up your fashion sets?

the is a vault/locker in the tower. its right in the middle of where you spawn in the tower and is shared between your charecters.

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well aint the point of byob that you bring and drink your own booze. so just bring what ever you want to drink. i mean if your not much of a beer drinker then dont bring beer. take some vodka or barcadi and a big soda of what you want or what ever.
if the point of this byob is that you bring booze and everyone shares everyone's booze (and that sounds like a cheapskate and horrible idea) then just bring something again like vodka or what ever. it can go along with a lot of things and it can last somewhat longer then an equal amount of beer. but basically bring what you like

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i got 2 breaks a day. i work from 7-16 and my first break is 15min at around 9 and at 12 i have my lunch break and thats 30min.
and i always take them because i dont plan on working for free in my breaks and i cant get overtime for the time i spend working during my breaks. i do shift my breaks depending on what im working on.
and the allotted time i have is a what im entitled to by law.

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if a monster hunter game came to ps4 i might pick it up since it seems really interesting and weird

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yeah i really hoped they would do it like Vinny and Drew did. especially on the upf.
i mean im happy with all the content containing drew.

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i have done a shit ton of strike missions at lvl 24 and a ton of crucible matches. and im still get crap gear. just by luck i got some gear that got me to lvl 24 but after that everything is all downhill. i have not gotten a legendary item perse but in all the time i have been grinding i have gotten 4 legendary engrams or what ever they are called. and 1 of them was a legendary item. it was a cloak, for a hunter. and im a warlock. so i cant even use it. and even if i could it would do nothing other then look difference, no stats or anything. so im a little bit salty on that, but at least the gameplay is sorta fun but still

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uden at prale - det er harry. basically a doll from a commercial for public trains, it got popular. and then they made this racing game based nothing pretty much

and this one