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my first answer is stop playing the pirated copy of gta 5.
if thats not the case do as mb said

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i need the final boss and a few chalice instance thingy. but i kinda lost the will to finnish anymore of them for some time

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looks cool. i was lucky enough to beat majordomo before they fixed the bug. basically if you killed him with the bane of doom spell he would not summon ragnaros. so it was super easy but it got patched out

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the aiming is fine although it has freezed up on me in the loading screen 3 times every time i pass wave 7 on endless mode

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i guess it was the first arrow pointing down podcast. so day one of the site and before it was an actual site.

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bloodborne is not a bad place to start but i would also say demon souls sine the game is really cheap and the whole hub world makes the map still feel big but not so big as you feel overwhelmed by it. althought there is a lot of hard parts in that game and some bullshit.
Bloodborne feels more casual of all the games.
dark souls 1 is also a fine place to start so you have plenty of options.
but basically take dark or demon souls since they are cheaper so its not as big of an investment if you dont like em.

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what i basically did was two handed axe and did a charge attack so the character will spin 720 degrees with the axe, dealing a great amount of damage and often stopping the enemy's attack then when he got low enough to get a little more crazy and had poison i just threw molotovs at it.

the charge attack on the twohanded axe was so powerfull that it was pretty much my only move against any enemy. just stand back and judge there attack move. so that the charge would go off just as they got in range. for a few enemy types i used the rifle spears charge attack since it does a very long thrust move. so good for single targets. it was not until the very lategame i used the kirkhammer in sword mode since it did more damage. although with big enemy types that both needed alot of damage and dealed a great amount as well. i used the kirkhammer in hammer move and walked slowly up behind them and then charged attaked them followed by as many hits as i could get in

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short answer when she is healing shoot the fuck out of her. or get close with a really fast weapon like the cane to break the healing. fire is also effective. to stop her from healing completely there is an item cant remember what its called but its a white round flash you can throw that prevents healing

what i did was basically was make sure i had 20 bullets (25 if you press up and sacrifice a little health but you can heal that back up) 20 healing vials. 10 urns with oil (taking more fire damage) and 10 molotovs.

and the two-handed axe. used the charge attack and dodge until she get really low and then just throw oil and molotovs when she starts to heal shoot until she stops. also

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psn grillbar. not that great at the game even though i have played em all

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42k due to apparently walking in to a boss battle without even having to open a door or anyting. i really miss the mist gates to show what your entering.
everything was going swimmingly and i was just breezing thought the map and then it happened.

and it was at the first boss so i could not have spend it on lvling