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im a 1 handed warrior and its pretty boring being him but i really cant die at all. i pretty much only roll with iron bull vivian and cole. i chose not to have verric in my team because i absolutely hated him in dragon age 2 and although he is slightly better in inquisition its still not good enough for me to want him around so as soon as i could replace him i did. i love the banter between vivian and bull and bull as a two handed warrior ends up being good at dealing some damâge including some aoe effect attacks. vivian is fully specket knight enhancer and some lightning with enough in that green thing i cant remember but the one with the barriers pretty much only the right side of that tree. so works great in combination with all my chars in the party. cole is a dual whielding dagger and assasin specket. he is amazing at dealing heavy damage against single targets but if or when i get sera i will properly replace him with her.
pretty much never used blackwall or cassandra since they both fill the role i have chosen and there is no reason for another one of that kind.
oh and as much as i love dorian i just cant use him since he breaks the game sometimes. i have had some problems with quests because the enemy diddent (acording to the game) die because dorian raised them from the dead to the point where i could not continue on the quest before i swapped him out. its rare but thats enough to let him be a gloryfied librarian in my castle

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Unstable Portal is the most broken card ever, pretty amusing. Turn 5 Rag? Turn 6 Ysera? Turn 3 Cairne?

its actually not that great. not only are you filling your deck with that card but you also have to use 3 mana to get a random minion at a 3 mana discount meaning it could be anything it could be a wisp.
the likelyhood of geting something useful and also get a chance to use it at a proper time with out getting steam rolled is not that high especially if you do it on turn 3.
so if your talking about specifik situations there are so many others that can also be as good, like tree of life plus Auchenai Soulpriest meaning if your at lets say 16 and he is at 15 health and cast tree of life you technically take 14 dmg and he takes 15. or so many other.
im more in to fel reaver a 5 mana 8/8 when ever your opponent use a card discard 3 cards from your deck but you can just iron bark owl or other forms of silence and bam you got a really cheap 8/8 out fast
or the card lightbomb but its all about opinions

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i have no idea why but darren korb - mother, im here zulf's theme from bastion always makes me choke up a little

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im not that far in the game but so far my team is my main ofc a sword and shield warrior kinda regret that choice by now, cole, solas and iron bull. i wanted to get varric out of the party as fast as possible since i just cant stand him. had the same problem with him in da 2.
cassandra and blackwall are useless since they both serve the same role as me. i would love to get a ranged guy who is not varric but im fine with what i got for now

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@big_jon said:

Yes but day one updates are pretty important these days with all these broken ass games.

yes but shadow of mordor is not that bad. at least on ps4 and i assume its most likely the same with the xbox version. there are improvements but i personally diddent find any problems issues in the 12 hours i played it without any updates

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the whole honey badger in the game is so freaking annoying, not the badger itself. but the whole "look we just saw this video online and its so fucking good, and i bet its new" i refer to the vid @splodge put in his post. it was fine in the beginning but it grew tired really fast. and especially the mission where you protect the people against a attacking horde of badgers and the badger fashion mission really made me so annoyed of the useless refrence.
like @viciousbearmauling said the yak is the true terrible beast peacefully gracing and suddenly just out of nowhere charge you. and you can even get hit by there charge twice making it almost impossible to survive. i dont see how people have problems with the eagles. i mean sure they attack but they dont do a lot of damage and then they run away and leave you alone and is quickly taken care of with an assult rifle in a matter of seconds
but untimatly a pissed elephant is the worst. when you take out a guy and the bullet passes thought him and hits an elephant you know its time to either run for your life or pull out an RPG fast

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since the polls are busted ill write here. yes i did

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ill properly upload my male dwarf but im ashamed of him. the beard and hair on him looks terrible no matter what i chose. the hair looks pixilated at spots and the beard looks hella fake. like glued on fake.
i really want to make a new character but im just to deep to go back

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if you suddenly cant change characters for some reason. save and load the game. i had that problem while handeling another char.
so i tried removing all the chars except my guy and then i wanted to add them again but my char then got stuck in place. only had that problem once but the save and reload fixed that out right away.

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apparently almost everyone says fatman but i really dont remember him being difficult. vamp was annoying but not hard. i would guess fortune and end boss type stuff