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well it always counts a win is still a win and a loss is still a loss. the question is does it matter. and do you care about it.

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dont think so but never say never i guess.

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I choose you, Greg Miller, Conan o'Brien, Mary Kish and Danny o'Dwyer.

i agree with the last two definatly. not that big a fan of greg miller i mean he is a cool dude but he is not interesting enough for me. and conan is a no go for me. that would defiantly make me stay away unless the rest of the team could really make up for it.
instead i would add the KVO (kevin van ord. he is well rounded in multiple genres of games and he is warm and welcomming and also fucking funny. i dont know who else to add

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@onarum said:

It'll be probably something you'll play for about 6 or 8 hours tops then completely forget about.

It was obviously meant to be a "technical showcase" for the ps4, too bad the hardware can't possible handle it so they had to implement forced letterboxing and 30 FPS lock for that "cinematic feel", I'll be surprised if it can hold 30 FPS at all...

wow someone sounds salty, not only on the game that is not released yet and not for another month. and also extremely butthurt with the ps4...

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primarily i use the Sennheiser HDR 180
they are a bit expensive and you can choose a lower grade but they are extremely comfy and the sound is great. also they are wireless.
i also use a Philips wireless headphones dont know the brand because i got them from my job as a christmas present. but roughly the same price range.
i personally prefer the sennheiser brand since it pretty much at most prices classes they deliver an amazing sound

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the correct answer for me is the last of us. but if your talking a out a game i diddent know i would like or play as much as i did is properly anno 2070 got it 1½ or 2 years after its release, and ended up buying it when it was on sale because it looked decent and the graphics looked great. i still freaking love that game. and have logged about 370 hours in that game, and its one of those games where i sit down play a little or at least i think im playing a little and suddenly 4 hours has passed with ease. the first time i played it. i have no plans to do anything and just wanted to check out how it looked at max settings just to get a visual. 8 hours later i looked at the clock and had no idea where time had gone

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i would definatly say get some gorilla glass or something like that. got some for mine and it was amazing. it can take a fair beating without but might as well since its fairly cheap especially compared to a scratched or damaged screen.

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i would compare it to titanfall. or even cod. some people will enjoy it for some time then never touch it again and others would obsess over it.
so if your in the first catagory and dont mind buying a game that you will be done with fairly quick just like most games, i dont see the problem.

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use a drain stopper.
close the door to the bathroom so it cant get in.
if your cat knows how to open doors like mine does. lock it.
each time the cat lays in the sink, run some water so that it gets wet and runs away eventually it will learn not to lay there.
provide other options for the cat to lay in.

i dont know how the regulations are with water features and plumbing in general but they are pretty easy to fix yourself and unless you have some high tech system i have never heard of it cant explode. the only thing the hair can do is clog it. and in worse case if its clogged and you constantly use chemicals to clean it instead of taking it appart then it can corrode the piping if its not made of pvc.

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not as bad as i thought