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cant talk on behalf of others but i got kinda tired of the series already after the second game. its just blah. its boring and feels like nothing really happens and it feels like the same game over and over with very small changes, and it feels a lot like a lot of other games that has been done to death like assassins creed. that is what is causing the fatigue with me especially also combined with the game and controls feeling really clunky

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i get about 5 weeks of paid vacations each year. and my job is usually closed between Christmas and new years for that takes up 2 weeks. but even though i still have 3 weeks left i never get around to spending them and when i have more then 2 weeks in a row i dont get anything done i get restless and dont get anything done just want to go back to work.
so a whole month would be torture unless i was able to really pack my schedule. but i mean if i could afford it i would travel and surprise my gf since we live and work in way different countries and rarely get to see each other

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i have gotten to the point and have for quite a while where consoles gaming is a more viable option. its just more comfortable and easy.
and its not even the price of building a pc or all the technical things. or all the things that can break.
a good example for me is the witcher 3. i could buy it on pc where it would run better and look better but i dont think i would have played it as much as i would have when on consoles. my office chair is expensive and comfortable but its just more easy to sit down in a sofa grab the controller and just start. and if im bored or wating for a loadscreen i just flip over to tv until i want to go back. maybe its an attention span thing. so for me its really hard to explain other then then saying its a feeling. and its more easy and comfortable. i still love pc games. and i still play them but its less and less. the only pc games i play right now is hearthstone and heroes of the storm. and i still play them on my laptop that is on the living room table so i still sit in a sofa. so maybe im just lazy

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yes. or at least i wanna check it out. but i could easily live without

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i thought the series was amazing., the first game had the issue of forcing the six axis upon you, the grenade thing was fine the only problem was the balancing beam thing. there is a reason why i have a pat in all 3 games.

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im lvl 21 and just got to skeillinge or whats its called. but went back to velen to do more sides quests that led me to fight beasts at lvl 26-30 so its a big slow right now

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i have had a lot of problems with som quest dont working or being able to acces them. sure one was because a main quest started instead so i could not do it until i finnished that quest even though there was no idication that i could not. also had the camera zoom so all i could see was geralds head. and a glitch where every blacksmith except for one was removed and the one that was left i was not able to interact with he just banged his hammer away. but all have been resolved with a quit game or reload the game so nothing major also had the horse freak out a little where it would turn 180 and run backwards still controlled as before and it only happend one

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I was unable to save and lost more than an hour of playtime. That was funny.

how the hell did that happen. i mean with all the auto saves and the checkpoint saves

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i made a few mistakes dont know if it would have gone any other way thought.
accedently released the evil spirit in the tree and resulted in the barons wife to die and the baron hanging himself. and without me getting my reward

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you can dismantle like corporalgregg said, or just go nest hunting. i would imagine that if you google search for nekker nests some locations would pop up. i think thats basically what the nests are for, farming. sine they dont disappear forever when bombed also it does spawn a few monsters. there is a few in velen but i cant give excact cordinates

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was lvl 3 and found a ton. now im lvl 7 and i still have seen a few. even in a cave to a main quest early on. did i find 2