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current stats are

are you using the white page layout? what are you insane? its just so.... bright!

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3 stars
i think that its a great game. it looks and sounds good and plays well. but it quickly feels like its the same thing over and over again. and as for a "mmo like" game its everything kinda looks the same pretty fast. and a lot of things are recycled, the random events are in no way interesting and the game is pretty much useless if your playing alone. so the fact that you can just join random people in a group other then a few instances is a lacking feature. so it has its highs and its lows. well thats just my gut reaction from what i have played

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@sterling said:

Anyone found a golden chest yet? The map for Earth for me says 1/5. But I didn't find one.

yeah, the counter will not appear on the mission map until you find one and as soon as you find it will show how many there are on that planet and its just scattered around the place, i found 3 on earth and 2 on the moon outside of the restricted spawn places. so just run around and you will propperly find one. and if your desperate there properly is a youtube vid somewhere of them all

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this might not be what you intended, but to me it sounds like a butthurt xbox fanboy trying to pick apart what sony does. and is especially butthurt over the destiny deal.
but to answer you question sorta.
i diddent care about it but it was not appalled like you, i just diddent really care and most tv spots, trailers add or what ever dont really get me excited about any product. it might make me interested in finding out more but thats about it. and to the last part. both consoles have done horrible things and cheesy things

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for me this entire story is so far from my normal day to day so that it feels surreal, even fake.
i know thats not the case. and dispite all the terrible things you had to go though i hope that everything will be better. im not good with word but hopefully you know what im trying to say

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PSN: grillbar

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You didn't even tell us what platform you were buying on.

well i would assume since it was filed under psn and he also said psn that it might be xbox

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this turned out to be a great thread despite the OP

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Any food, drik condiment and things in that vein should never exist since the things i have tried has generally been way worse. and diet is still a lie anyway
star wars and star trek have been influential but its so boring. almost as boring as lord of the rings and harry potter.
the majority of the Nintendo games sucks. and they have not many any good consoles or hand held other then the nes/snes and gameboy

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that looks amazing. nice work

@psylah no shame in it. mine is airsoft maybe we could combine it with my