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this shit is just so freaking sick. cant you like track the persons twitter or something like to the phone or something. i mean this is directly a death threat.
i just dont understand people who thinks this is anywhere remotely okay.

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there are a ton of games i would love to do that with. but of the more modern kind. i would properly say uncharted 2 maybe even 3 i have a couple of times popped in the game let it install and then get all the way to the main menu before realizing that i really dont want to play it. and for some strange reason its because i already got all the trophies. i just get the feeling of whats the point.

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i know friends who are hugely in to both. it just never interested me. i thought lost was really boring and nothing really happend. and when something did it was either so out of left field and odd.
battlestar just no, its hard to make sci-fi that really interest me also why i dont care about star wars and star trek. i can understand why people think its good but it really dont interest me.
and it should be said that i have only seen about a season of both the shows

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without going super deep and using math my best would properly be anno 2070 i bought it on sale, cant remember how much but not a lot properly a max of 5euro and i have spend 340 hours in that game.
and the worst was properly brothers a of two sons. since i payed full price for it. and spend 1min on it. since i found out it was free of ps+ the next day

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the way you phrase it makes it sound a lot like spam. just saying.

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its not as simple as its put but i prefer gameplay over framerate and resolution but a shitty framerate can ruin any game. also it does not matter if it run at 60 and looks insanely good if the game is a piece of shit.
thats as simple as i can put it. also in a lot of cases i can settle for 30

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i dont know the solution but i have a few ideas what could be wrong
could it be that the full version only works as a full version trail. i know it sounds weird. but i had a similar issue a long fucking time ago where i downloaded the full game. so it basically downloaded the trail and the full game unlock thingy. and both were aplied but it still just worked as a trail and no save data was ofc saved. i deleted the game and downloaded it again and then it worked. to be fair psn was super choppy that day.
or since it sounds like your also playing it on the vita, could it be some sort of cross data save/cloud save problem
those are just what came to mind.

and i have personally not had any issues or glithes in the ps4 version. but that could be because i have not noticed it yet

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short answer yes and no. yes because most uruks are easy to kill no because if they swarm you you either have to fight your way out or fight your way to survive. and some warchiefs have almost insta killed me and i got my health fully upgraded.

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Probably a very limited version of the game to get people into the social elements and incentivize them to make the 60 dollar purchase.

thats what i took from it. a neutered version of the real game so basicly a glorified demo