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what nobel intentions. i kinda have to salute you for the commitment

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ill be honest i diddent read any of it since im to lazy. but to sorta answer the question.
what gender i play does not really matter to me. i mean if there is no difference in how they handle or act or anything and its just a gender thing i usually pick a girl since i had played male charecters a lot. and most game where i cant choose a gender they are usually male. so it feels kinda refreshing. if there is a difference ill just pick what ever suits me, the gender does not matter.
and with games that have relationship/flirtation options like mass effect and saints row. i would usually pick someone of the opposite sex if i only have 1 to choose. and i the person out from who i like more or is a more interesting character but if i can choose all of them i will. so really sexuality does not really play a role for me, neither does gender
so when it all boils down to it. i dont care about the gender, color, creed or sexual orientation. its more about who is more fun or interesting. and games with moral choices those factors does not really matter since i will always choose what i think is the right thing or what i as a person would chose, and if i like the game i will play it again and do the complete opposite just to see what the options were, at that point i would choose a different gender just to have it be difference.

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i remember someone on this site post a thread asking how you took screen shots in the pc version of skyrim

Didn't Alan Wake put an eye patch on your character if you pirated it?

i think so, and gta 4 made the cars unbareble to drive, then after awhile the screen would pulse as if you were drunk, and if you still were in a car after that it would catch on fire and then explode. i also think the charecter was terrible to control but i cant remember that.

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i would love to join. psn id: grillbar

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@amyggen said:

@metalliccookies: It had over 2000 listeners when I checked in :)

and over 5k around the 2 hour mark where i stopped listening.

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so... i read it as a workbench for you know woodworking or things to do in your hobby room, and thought who sits at those.
i dont work from home or in an office so you cant really call the place where i use the pc a workbench. i walk/run around all day so when i get home to do something on the pc or play a game i want to sit down and relax not stand and destroy my sore feet.
although i have had a treadmill once that i combined when i played console games during the weekend.

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when i put everything on ultra there is a bit of hitching up when it rains and there is a lot of cars and other things happening. but on my req grafics it runs just fine. and my custom is almost the same as ultra
althought i had had some input delay when buying from shops so i always end up pulling out my gun when buying something unless im patient.
and also a small hiching when autosaving

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catherine maybe?

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when i saw the latest mailbag. i remembered who you were. and i wanted to find you and say congratz but i could only remember your profile pic. so here i am now. congratz to both of you. all the best to ya