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due to a banking error i diddent have the funds to pay for the yearly membership on the day they tried to draw the money for my account. i did pay the day after but i got an email about a 7 day grace period but in that odd and funny GB way. basically here's what i got, i did cut out some of the links and well personal details from it

Subscription Payment Failed on Giant Bomb & Comic Vine

Hey grillbar,

Duder, we attempted and failed to charge your credit card for your premium membership and Computer said no.

Well actually it said “Declined”

Evidently you're caught up in some evil bankers' conspiracy to enslave us all and we feel for you. Because we think you're so awesome, your account will remain active for seven days, but if you don't act soon we'll have to downgrade your account and that would really suck and it would make us sad.

To fight the man you'll need to head on over to

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i play on ps4 in europe. and i got booted out of a loading screen, cant remember the error code other then something with berry. anyway thats the only problem i have had.

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play quake or any ut instead, there fixed your problem

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well its fairly rare to get. i did a shit ton of strike runs and what not. i have never farmed though.
i have played about 60 hours and gotten a little over 30 legendary ingrams but only 1 game me a legendary item and that was a cosmetic item. but yes as people said do the queens wrath if you can get some people to help you. or buy vanguard gear until your lucky

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@t_wester said:

Long read but as you said

@halidyusein said:

In the grand scheme, this is all meaningless.

Seriously though, the ability to speak or understand several languages is a great skill. I'm hailing from a small Scandinavian country with only 5.6 mil people so to function in this global world have I learned: English and German, to the point were i can follow a conversation with a native speaker. Enough French to get by. Basic Russian, Cyrillic to some time to grasp though. Some Arabic and Pashto, what the speak in South Afghanistan.

i know where your from :) velkommen, and you should properly also add Norwegian to the list. at least enough to get by.

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@azrailx said:

du bist hasslich

i know my german is a little rusty but thats not very nice calling people hässlich

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@seemah said:

Can a level 21 get through this at all?

solo? no, no freaking way your screwed. but if you got a couple of people to help you maybe. i mean i would say lvl 24min and then take it very slow because its fairly hard.

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did it all already except for the pvp bounty since i dont care about it. did the queen mission twice got to legendary armor items that i could scrap right away since i just yesterday bought all the legendary items i needed from the vanguard and upgraded them. also i had the ingrams. i have gotten about 25+ legendary ingrams most of them from lvling up the decrypter guy and i have gotten 1 i say again god damn 1 legendary item and it was a cloak. A useless cosmetic item for the hunter. and im a freaking warlock so its even more useless. the only legendary items i have is from the vanguard and i got 1 exotic bracers that i bought from xür. and if i had not done that i would still be stuck at lvl 24 running countless and countless strikes. not even the huge amount of crucible runs have done anything. although i have seen 1 people on my team get a exotic weapon, wich is nice for them at least

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@mightyduck said:

To name a few...

  • Syphon Filter
  • Jet Moto
  • Legend of Dragoon
  • Colony Wars
  • Socom (done correctly...not the garbage that was 4)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Naughty Dog...I know, not possible)
  • Ape Escape (without the move integration)

i like you
i would also love to see parodius/sexyparodius and maybe either a HD version or just a reboot of pandemonium

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I'm just over here with my DualShock 4...

I'm actually not a huge fan of it. Something about the placement of the sticks and the triggers don't fit my hand well, and prolonged destiny sessions end with my left hand cramping. Never had that happen

wow really? i thought in the beginning that the dualshock 4 was way to big and clumbsy, and thought the ds3 was better but after some time it feels perfect. tried going back to the ds3 and man it feels terrible i also at the time had a problem with the bottom of the controller where the sticks are, the corners of that platform was digging in to my middle fingers leaving a dent after prolonged games sessions