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i can see your point. there has been a shit ton of content with dan. even if you only look at the QL team ups.
and yes it could be great with different combinations more often. but im sure its because people are busy and dan does pretty much nothing all the time. at least i like to imagine all the people hard at work while dan is sitting in a corner farting away on something stupid

all i can say is that so far i love the content with dan since he either knows barely anything about the game. and then gets to ask some good questions. also sometimes some stupid questions but thats also really fun
or knows a good amount about the game/series and therefore enhances the video
but thats my opinion anyway

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i have guilles theme as my alarm clock, and the mgs ! sound as a text

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thats just to funny. gratz

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i might get both
but there is something serious wrong with the poll

assasins creed 48%
dragon age 100%
both 85%
neither 31%


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ikast, denmark.

properly the city that is the closest to me

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good for johnny. its odd that he has not fucked it up yet

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cool looking forward to it

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black ops 2 because of jeff, was done with cod but he said some good things about it so i ended up buying it. i might buy advanced warfare... maybe

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awwwwwww really?
i had big plans. and now they just went down the drain