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use a drain stopper.
close the door to the bathroom so it cant get in.
if your cat knows how to open doors like mine does. lock it.
each time the cat lays in the sink, run some water so that it gets wet and runs away eventually it will learn not to lay there.
provide other options for the cat to lay in.

i dont know how the regulations are with water features and plumbing in general but they are pretty easy to fix yourself and unless you have some high tech system i have never heard of it cant explode. the only thing the hair can do is clog it. and in worse case if its clogged and you constantly use chemicals to clean it instead of taking it appart then it can corrode the piping if its not made of pvc.

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not as bad as i thought

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Call of Duty: World at War

2am, shirtless, sweating in a hot muggy room in the summer, shouting profusely at the endless amount of spawning enemies throwing infinite amounts of grenades with pinpoint accuracy. Fuck that game.

Amen brother. trying to complete that game on the hardest difficulty. i got really far almost to the end of the game, right until where you need to destroy the aa guns in russia. just like you said infinite germans pouring our everywhere, 10'000 granades flying at your face each second. and no cover. plus the if you finally get past that shit and destroy the first one you have to move on with the same bullshit. and then the next. and guess what no fucking checkpoint. even at one point finally got past that got to a checkpoint and died right that second after the text appeared. i was so happy to be done with that shit. until i spawned again and was send back to the previous checkpoint. fuck that game.
and resistance 2 on hardest difficulty as well but at least i manage to complete that

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nope, bought a xl when it came out. and ended up only playing 2 games on it and then retired it. lasted less then a month. i dont think the handheld is for me

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i started with excalibur maxed him out and moved to oberon maxed him twice before moving to rhino and thats the one i like the most. i mostly play solo so its is great for survival especially with iron skin. its super cheap and super useful. i have not spend a single dollar on the game but if your playing on ps4 and ofc got ps plus you get some free platinum. so you can get a companion and more slots for warframes. i think it sucks that even thought i spend money on expanding the room for warframes one i can still only fit 3. so i have an ember, nyx, mag and vauban warframe ready to be claimed but with no room to collect them. and i dont wanna sell my oberon or rhino warframes because i really like em

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i liked it as well. well enough to get the platinum trophy in it. so yeah i think you should you can even see all the different traversial movement with delsin by picking him in the arena, so you will know how he moves with smoke, neon and what not. its kinda spoiler'ish but its fine

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ill start by saying this. i have no idea i just speculate here so really you cant take anything i say as other then speculations.

in the near future i would say no. ofc never say never but im not seeing that happening, mostly because it would have to be developed and maintained and bug fixed and all that shit. dont even know what it required to be on xbox as an official app. so although its not impossible i dont see it as a likely possibility. you could use the xbox's webpage and enter giantbomb that way if you want it on your tv. its not the best solution but its at least a solution. or you could download the phone app and work that in to your tv. either with some apple shit or airplay/streaming.

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@laserbolts: Hes done these before :O I'm gunna check those out

he has done a good amount and they are always a delight to listen to especially when there is a content low like now for obvious reasons

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valkyria cronicles and started 2015 with brave frontier