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Of course, I wouldn't want this to be totally lame...so I'll put some stuff in here by the slim chance somebody actually views it.    

Games I've been playing

Battlefield Bad Company 2:  
This game has been really great to me, although I haven't played it like a totally obsessed freak.  It's nice to see that the FPS genre still has some developers willing to put out a team based game instead of the "me vs. the world" types that have filled the shelves.  The game provides a different experience every time you play it, and for me that is highly ideal. 
Pokemon Heartgold: 
Yes, I have actually been playing Pokemon.  The game ultimately feels a little bit dated, but it still holds up as long as you know other people playing it.  That's because we all know the only reason to play the game is to brag to others about your progress much like an mmo.   

Music I've been listening to

Gojira:  Currently the best metal band out there...and they're from France!  Their lyrics center around creatures and the environment, while their delivery is of the death metal with progressive elements variety.  Nobody quite does it as good as they do nowadays.  THEY sing in english, SO don't be scared...this isn't another case of a nerd listening to Japanese Metalcore or some BS. 

Movies I've seen (worth noting)

She's Out of my League: 
One of the better comedies I've seen in a long time, this movie focuses on a loser getting a bombshell girlfriend.  It sounds stupid on paper and that preview does the movie NOOOOO justice, but I recommend everybody see this great movie.  STAINER steals the show, played by upcoming comedian T.J. Miller...make sure you see it with your good friends to further enhance the comedy present! 

Other News

I'm planning on writing another review...this time I'll make sure I put that extra bit of effort into it so hopefully it gets some recognition!  I'm thinking about review Banjo: Nuts and Bolts to further cement my love for that often overlooked game.   
Tiger lost the masters...which for me, was hard to watch.  I think most people had unrealistic expectations for him considering his absence from golf.  I think he has a very real chance of winning the U.S. Open if he works harder on his game. 
I HAD THE DOUBLE DOWN... Quite possibly my most anticipated food...which makes me sound fat, but I'm actually really skinny!  The sandwich itself I thought tasted quite good and the cheese had a nice salty flavor too it as did the sauce.  I saw some reviews commenting on the sodium and the salty flavor...but what the hell did you expect?  It's fucking KF fucking C!  I loved it!
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Hey look, the bold's all fucked...not my fault!

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My God, do I need a Double Down. It sounds like the most ridiculous fast food sandwich ever. Ridiculous...as in ridiculously delicious! Not so sure if the salty cheese sounds very appetizing, though.

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Yeah you really do!  It's a lot smaller than I expected too, but it's pretty filling so it's probably for the best.