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I didn't know this existed, I'll have to check it out...but yeah, definitely get Horizon 2 when you can!

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That seems like a good build, I would get an EVGA card if you go Nvidia and stick with corsair for the power supply. As far as ram, it probably won't make a difference but GSkill seems to be popular and reliable as well as corsair again. If you go with an aftermarket cooler for the cpu, everybody I know (including myself) has one of the cooler masters...they do a good job at a lower price. The case is going to be mostly cosmetic driven, but the Thermaltake Chaser MK-I I have has a lot of nice features like tool-less drive bays, dust filters, and even a slot for a bare drive on the top of the case (not saying to get exactly that one, but features to consider). Also remember if you don't get a full tower case (since you said you wanted to keep it smaller), make sure your video card will fit without issue as they can be pretty long.

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Forza Horizon 2 is the best game on the console, so get that if you like racing titles.

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360, PS4, and the Xbone

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In a large city like that, I imagine multiple feet of snow with nowhere to put it would cause some issues...not to mention all the streets with cars parked on them, I BET THAT MAKES PLOWING FUN.

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I have a Fire TV stick, pretty simple to use and stays on all the time. I think that might work for her.

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I already played it on the 360, but I will probably get it again to play it on my much better PC

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I have a Razer Carcharias headset and a Plantronics Gamecom 780 headset. I bought the Plantronics one second because I wanted a USB set at the time, and have switched back to the Razer because the audio quality is much better and it seems to balance everything better...also the construction is great.

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Hopefully it is more impressive than 5, but I will buy it either way!