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#1 Posted by Grimdaddy (68 posts) -

Also hoping this gets sorted, I really would like to see their take on it.

#2 Posted by Grimdaddy (68 posts) -

This is still happening for me as well, in Mountain Time Zone, NA.

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I will always wish that Quick Looks were not so quick in this era of Giantbomb, if only because it would mean that there was more sweet, sweet Ryan Davis material to enjoy. We miss you, big man.

#4 Posted by Grimdaddy (68 posts) -

Ryan Davis bustin' chops and giving no fucks.

Thanks for the video, folks. That was great to see. Miss you, RTD.

#5 Posted by Grimdaddy (68 posts) -

To all those left behind who knew him best, my condolences. Ryan Davis, you will be sorely missed.

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This concept, combined with the Klei attitude towards surfacing sneaky mecanics makes me very interested indeed. Its nice to see turn-based making such a comeback these days.

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Haha holy shit, whatever you do, do not buy this. It is a goddamn travesty.

Terrible writing, terrible acting, clunky controls, and BONUS awkward "Hot Coffee" type sex scenes. There are various women being harassed throughout the game, and when you "save" them they don't even say thanks or something, they just commence to banging the main character.

Also, it is so far not at all open world, just a chain of short and terribly scripted missions back to back. There might be a hub somewhere down the line, but the gameplay is so weak so far I cannot imagine it matters. Best to avoid this one, but it sure would make for awesome quick-look fodder!

Edit: Also, all the bits that look like Road Rash? You are in control of your bike, but all of the combat? Quick time events. Yep.

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Well, its $29.99 now. So thats closer at least. I'll give it a shot, at that price.

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Wondering this as well. It is showing up in the Bioforge video section, but still 404n'.

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I had the chat issue (being told that I am not logged in despite being so) the last two days on Chrome/Win7. I am also now being served ads despite being a paid member. Confusing!

Then it let me see chat for the premium stream (Bioforge), but only once I logged in again. Before that, it claimed there was no show in progress despite it obviously having been on for a while.

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