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Glad to see Diablo get some love.

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@wjb Actually kind of surprising how tame this thread has been considering all the Patrick hate this site has had over the years. Good luck to him - I won't be following him over there, but hopefully his new audience treats him well.

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So a year ago they hadn't started development.... now there's a trailer. High hopes.

All that they show n that trailer is 2 characters, only one of which actually did moves, a stage and some particle effects. The real work in a fighting game is the balancing.

And, you know, actually differentiating it from the previous game in the serious. At this point I'm expecting it to be closer to Ultra Street Fighter 4.5 Turbo CE.

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Is this Adam Boyes working his Capcom connections or Japan not giving a shit about the Xbox One?

Or just some timed exclusive to counter MS' Tomb Raider deal?

Why do I give a shit? What am I doing with my life?

Much more likely Sony pulled a Nintendo as Capcom has been in financial troubles for a while and a year ago Ono was very open about the fact that there simply wasn't the funding to start development on SFV.

So a year ago they hadn't started development.... now there's a trailer. High hopes.

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Dudes got to make money, stop being so self centered.

I don't think site usability for non-subs is being "self-centered."

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is the sports sim of the year so that.

Also for laughs at the GB crew tackling it.

I see you.

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Some weird questions on that survey. I feel like it asked what console/electronics I owned like four different times.

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I've got the Digital Guardians Edition, so I'll check it out since I'm kinda stuck with the game.

Ditto. I already paid for it so I might as well go back.