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Does that mean we can post really dumb stuff that will then disappear forever?! Rad!

Uh, I mean, so long as it doesn't break forum rules?

Remember the beta version of the site? So rad.

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Brad made a pretty dumb generalization and got called out for it. Wasn't the end of the world but super funny to listen too.

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That was... a lot less worse than I was expecting. Still disgusting and unacceptable.

@darji So assume this asshole couldn't hide behind anonymity and we knew his real name, what then? Are we supposed to go to his house and beat him up? Call the cops for using strong language on the internet? Insulting someone? Just sounds like witch hunting.

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...I bought a Vita specifically just to play Golden so... no, it's not too late.

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Hands down the best piece @patrickklepek has written on the site, well done.

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The low cost and ease of availability of digital games generally beats out any potential downside. Especially if you're just using Steam and any no-DRM services like GOG.

Physical media has risks involved too and has the added negative of taking up room. If I had physical versions of my 300+ Steam games, I'm pretty sure I'd just be living inside a game box at this point.

The best kind of place to live.

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Picked up both a PS4 and XBone, enjoying the ride so far.

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My profile.

I miss Giant Bomb's achievement tracking so much.