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Haven't exactly studdied the different quests in this wikigame but I take it your   
quest looks something like this: 
  Rat Chaser 
 Quest Complete!  
You viewed a n00b blogg. You'll be writing about dragons in no time. 
 1 Step Needed to Complete

  • Take the virginity of a blogg.

Reward for completion of this quest: 50xp 
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Today was the first time in a long while that I had some time to spare. 
After installing Win 7 I'm stuck installing programs, games and what-not  
that I need for my daily dose of internet. 
To kill off time I grind these quests out. Now it's time for Blog spot quest, yay... 
No complaining. Remember: Life is a grind. Atleast until StarCraft II arrives. 
So long bloggers. I'm off to collect me some XP.

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Can't go six months without some Half-life. No surprise there.

What I don't understand is why I install X-com Interceptor from time to time.

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triple7 said:
dude his eye is smoking too! 9? huh huh maybe......? lol"
The picture itself is a 10/10 easy.

But for me (.6 on my right eye) as an icon I had to squint my eyes to fully appreciate it.
Getting tired of squinting cost 2 points bub. Call me lazy (or cheap for not buying glasses)
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A little to detailed for an icon but a mystic samurai pwn most guys out there
(Perhaps with the exception of Lord Voldemort and Darth Vader)

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Tried to help some people one time while under the influence...

They were throwing double edged axes at a board. I just wanted to help them by
collecting the thrown axes and bring 'em back.

Lucky for me that dude missed the board with his second throw.

I was later evicted from the premises for leaning against an "Urine-free zone"
sign while taking a piss.