People are Stupid...(Rant Alert)

I hate college life. Going to college and attending classes is great and fun (for the most part), but goddamn if I don't hate college people. I think any sane person will agree that the shithead down the hall blasting Lil Wayne at 3 in the morning deserves to have goats blood smeared all over his apartment door or that the drunk barbie doll sorority girl won't stop pounding on the fucking door to her friends house outside my window should be curbstomped. If you don't, you're either those people, or you've never lived in a college town before. All I see are wiggers, ditzy, drunk broads, and maybe, just maybe, a decent person that would make me feel less of a misanthrope everyday. Blah blah blah here's a video of two puppies:

That's all for now.....who am I kidding, no one reads this shit.

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