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Desktop Dungeons

, a unity based game that totally rocks.... It's in beta, but if you pre-order it, you get the beta access as well.

The alpha version is out for free, to get an idea what the game is about, although vastly inferior.

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Being able to generate lockpics to quickly open doors, chests and having high disarm-trap stat is fun and comfortable. It also generates a good amount of quick exp in the beginning.I just find it so frustrating when I have to start over again, especially with a slow early game build.

Anyhow, this build almost got me 'til floor 8 (Dwarven moderation, permadeath), not really sure why I died, I was pretty much invincible against bosses and took on multiple enemies easily.

  • Unarmed (maxed)
  • Shields (Dual wield them) (maxed)
  • Mastery of arms (Armour) (maxed)
  • Assasination
  • Perception
  • Viking wizardy (probably a poor choice)
  • Burglarly (Must have them locks....+ escaping with the lock up skill / invisi skill)

The new patch enabled for melee builds to actually work, previously it was as good as impossible.

*EDIT* Tried this build without Viking wizardy, replaced by vampirism... owned Dredmor at Dwarven moderation permadeath :)

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Never had it from hardcore gaming on many different consoles....getting blisters from the PS1/snes controller i recall though.

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As a Norwegian I recommend the bands Kaizers Orchestra and Skambankt.
There's also another band called Seigmen that sung in Norwegian thats pretty good, they later changed style and language to english, and started sounding not so good.
I don't need to know the language to listen to music... I do listen to some foreign bands who sing in their native tongue, but I often find myself looking up a translated lyric or atleast the title of the song to get in the right atmosphere or mood I suppose. 
Two good foreign bands to me at the moment: Alcest (French) and Akelei (Dutch)

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 Kudos to posting Electric Wizard, kicks ass!
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I would play videogames in honour of the site, the whole day.

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How about some incredible ambient drone doom metal?

  With good speakers / headphones this is an insanely nice audio experience
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EDIT: Just saw Warning - Footprints was already posted, so I removed it. 
Here's 40 Watt Sun, the band Patrick Walker (of Warning) started after Warning's end. Pretty much a continuation of the sound, enjoy
 Both sounds are  seriously heavy doomladen and deeply atmospheric awesomesauce.

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Nære Molde but living in Helsinki Finland for the time being.

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