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SWTOR Remains Dreadful Indeed 0

The worst game of all time.  A dreadful MMO indeed.  I played up to level 30 at launch using 14 days of the 90 days I was required to purchase for $90.  The experience was so aweful I didn't use any of the remaining days in fact I un-installed the game at day 14.  Over 5 months later I spent another $30 to see if it was any better on max settings on a new rig.  I played for 14 days with 4 new characters on 2 seperate servers up to level 15.  Nothing changed, still dreadful.The main problem is th...

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Blood from Michael's mouth 0

Reviewer- Michael Kain Editor- GrindedStone   As the game progressed, I found myself growing weary of many things. ZOMG! The relationships system was severely flawed. It could have just been the video game grind making you work SNAFU! What a drag it can be in Fable III sometimes. It was different from Fable Two in that instead of using just the A button, you use A, X, and Y. Yeah... Other than that, it was still repetitive, annoying, and pretty much pointless. Dance with someone 3 minutes, traip...

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Blood from the mouth 1

----Round two----  Duke can an will bring the Man character you have been neglecting to play through, Egotistical Maniac.  It's not at all in a narcissistic way nor does it fail by falling flat like the Duke copy cats out there.  Duke is duke an he does what he wants baby.  Round two is all about staying focused on that.  The first loading screen came in handy, I went an did somethings I needed to do, an then when I got tired of that I had Duke as a reward.  I played Doom but not Duke because I ...

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Blood from the mouth 0

Brink played well in the lab on a top end $$$ overclocked AMD quad core system.  Most of the review took place on that system.  However since then I bought my own copy to carry home.  I have a entry level medium powered gamer rig.  This home rig runs many games on high settings in 1600 x 1200 very well, which is asking a lot.  Brink didn't run well at all on this system.  Even on lowest settings in 800x600.  There are a lack of in-game performance options (whoopz)  however there are 1500 options...

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