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@probablytuna: dude. That room is nothing but hidden doors. Press X (or A) on every surface around there. Then go to town.


Do you not unlock hidden passages by hitting them? No wonder I didn't find any. That's fucking wierd man. I did remember finding one wall my weapon would clip right through but I couldn't figure out how to open it, but that was probably just for use with the wierd pharoh key. But still fuck that shit man.

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@sterling: Yeah, but I don't know that this is guessing:

Having an ADP of 9 and raising your shield, that's slow. Having an ADP of 20 and raising your shield, that's fast.

Sure seems a little more rigorous to me than guessing, which I just find really hilarious.

And I it doesn't seem to affect roll either, from the tests I was able to find, the roll speed seemed to be exactly 34 frames regardless, and the i-frames are uncertain but it only seems to be 1 or 2 frames between min and max adp but I guess that is hard to test given the unstable framerate.

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Dang man, can you even imagine where the Ninja Gaiden franchise could have been today if Tecmo hadn't been complete shitholes and Itagaki and his developers had been kept on and Hayashi had been fired? We'd have the sickest ninja gaming experience known to man running on the new consoles, but instead we got NG3 and this.

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Sometimes, while in the process of being summoned, I get an error-message telling me I was "unable to join the multiplayer session". Afterwards cooperative play appears to be entirely disabled until I quit out and log back into the game. So ... try that, I'd say.

I get that all the time and it really sucks a dick.

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Wouldn't it be cool if we could get past this good and evil bullshit in games?

It'd be 100 times more interesting to play a game where an individual tries his best to do what be believes is right, only to eventually be slowly overpowered by an institution where the agenda is to make it appear as if progress is made when none is actually made, forcing the individual to make heavy compromises or leave the institution altogether.