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Nah I guess it's useful but so is vit, vig, str and end. So many useful stats this time around since they spread out the effects more.

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Remember when Atlus was publishing Demon's Souls? The special edition was 10 bucks more but dang that was some quality shit bro, even if the ink front page of the strategy guide did wear out after extended use, but I seem to remember that you could even send it back to them and get a better quality guide or something.

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@roger778 said:
@pinner458:Man, that's a bummer that your X-Box broke.

Man, that's a bummer that your X-boX broke.

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Giant Men around the world would gives, they left nuts, to be where he is.

To be brother with Vinny, that's just amazing, man. I only saw him 3 years ago on some Big Live but I can't believe Vinny doesn't do a show with him every now and then, even if he probably lives in NY.

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Way to miss the point, man. I guess it's easier to lash out than to calmly assess a situation. Maybe I'll try to explain it better.

Anyway, the whole point is that while there is a solid core of hardcore gameplay to be had here, the normal difficulty was absolutely made for anybody to be able to pick up and breeze through in a fun and spectacular way. If something is not clicking, it is probably not because you suck at games. It is probably because you are missing some fundamental part of the combat. This is not unsurprising, as even though the game is not complicated, it is somewhat unconventional and does very little to explain its base systems. This is frustrating to me, as I feel that had Platinum explained the systems properly, a lot more people would see how fun the game is instead of ditching it right away. That is what really sucks a giant dick about Platinum - even though their games have excellent combat systems, they are entirely unwilling to explain them.

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The only reason I find complaining about the difficulty silly with MGR is that if you have trouble with it, Easy mode helps A TON. Especially if you use the automatic Parry mode. Just a fun, crazy, hack and slash way to get through the story(which is how I played it). Much like every Metal Gear game, I feel it actually has great support for gamers of all skill levels.

Exactly. So long as you are not doing anything incredibly wrong, It is a fun, crazy game that you can sort of breeze through.

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And I mean really sucked a giant dick at it.

This is sort of frustrating, since it is not a hard game at all on Normal. In addition, it is one of the tighest action games I've played. It's up there with Ninja Gaiden. But it's not complex, in fact it's very straight forward: you can block, and with the right timing it becomes a parry. You can dodge, which gives some convenient i-frames. Your main weapon is mapped to one button and then another button for the subweapon of your choice. One for aoe, one for damage and one for stun. That's it. Not much in the way of long obscure combos, on-landing charges or animation canceling here. This doesn't make the combat any less phenomenal, it just makes it more about the flow and timing of cutting men up and parrying attacks. Still, it is not hard at all.

That's why it is sort of frustrating when despite it all, people still seems to find it much too hard, getting stuck at the dog or something. Sure the tutorial doesn't do you any favors but it's still surprising to me how hard so many people can suck in this generation of games. You know it's not going to be a hard game, so if you're struggling with every encounter it'd seem logical that you were doing something terribly wrong. So instead of trying to understand what's wrong, people just put it down - all because it doesn't have the typical bland, mashy combat of stuff like Kingdoms of Amalur or Assassin's Creed.

That's like trying to playing Dark Souls while refusing to block. Maybe you don't like the difficulty but if you don't even block and then blame the game, you might as well go suck on a large dick. What's next? Blaming the game for not having a typical Metal Gear story? Ha ! Don't even get me started.

I don't know man, I didn't have too high of an opinion on modern gamers as a whole, but they keep undercutting me in that regard.

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Dang man, cool to see a list not consisting of Superman, Ironman and Hobbit. Do you know how much it pissed me off to read the "What's your favorite movie 2013" thread? Not that I know much about movies myself or watch a lot of them, so you've given me some cool inspiration there. The only thing that really bothers me is where the hell is Before Midnight? You gotta love that one, man.

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The Hobbit II

2/5 Meh

So little plot in such a long film. A shame it wasn't as fun as the first one.