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Condolences to his wife, family, and real friends. So sad :(

After 300+ hours of podcast I feel like I just lost a longtime friend...

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@Pepeman said:

Im loving Infinity Blade at the moment, sure, it's all about grinding and leveling and getting loot, but something about it just has me hooked.Bad.

First i was busy getting more levels in order to finally defeat the last boss whom had been kickin' my ass bloodline after bloodline. Finally i managed to bring him down and thought that that was it. It wasn't.

Also, the real REAL ending is cool ( the one you get after getting the actual Infinite blade). This game has really interesting world and "backstory" that is only hinted in the actual game. Can't wait to play IB2 to see what happens.

If you are into the world/story Chair today released an eBook that bridges the first game and the second.

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One free man quest #3, good lord I hate all the time I wasted looking at Half-Life pages :|
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I can't wait, wow coop, I hoped but didn't expect it from this game.
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You can upload more than one image at a time. Simple ctrl-click or shift-click multiple files from your desktop.

I just see a loading bar under this section under FireFox 3.0 on vista 64, a browse button never comes up.