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Simple solution: Stop playing Destiny. I sure as hell did!

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To be honest, he would have to try really hard to do worse than ME3's ending shitshow.

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I remember watching this shortly after beating ME3. If only this had been the real ending...

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I also don't understand why people liked Mass Effect 2 either. The story was total B.S. Completely filler. Nothing to do with the actual plot of the story arc. It didn;t go anywhere either.

If the lead writer of Mass Effect 1 had continued. We would have seen one of the greatest trilogies of all time. That original Mass Effect, built up such a "mystique". Was unbelievable. They should have carried on that epicness and exploration.

We would have had more of this below.....

(note the me3 title has nothing to do with anything)

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It's a better version of Assassin's Creed. So if you liked that, with Batman combat, then the answer is yes.

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Dan is a professional troll. I love it.

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It's not perfect but fuck, I love this website.

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Whatever you end up doing, as there are plenty of great suggestions already in this thread, do NOT forget to give her a good ol' slap on the ass after you're done for the day. Then she'll know you mean business.

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Talk about landing on your feet, good job!

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2014 year of everybody leaving everywhere!

Wonder what would happen if they all joined forces into one company ...