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I don't even know what to say.

Ryan was an irreplaceable part of the team, which on one hand is awful that it can never be replaced, while on the other hand, is really special that someone could have such an impact as he had on the overall feel of the crew.

I've been following GB for a few years now and have loved every moment.

It's really a tragedy. RIP Ryan Davis.

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It's ridiculous and most certainly a waste of money and time.

BUT as everyone seems to be saying already; having the research and being able to wave it in people's faces will be something better than just saying it with no proof. And even if it works out against video games somehow, maybe it can help us pinpoint what the real problem may be and how we can go about trying to prevent it; since violence is an issue that is never going to go away.

We will never solve it, there is no cure, you cannot stop every crime and protect every victim.

It goes without saying though, that everyone against will still not believe the studies and say they were rigged or something.

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The number of people saying that they're not here for articles like this is positively bizarre. Don't read them then? Though I completely support the article and think that Patrick's doing the right thing in addressing serious issues, regardless of how prevalent the issue is elsewhere because as people keep saying they want to hear about video games; so here it is: a look at sexism IN THE WORLD OF VIDEO GAMES. You aren't forced to read them, re-watch an endurance run or something. It's not like, instead of creating 40 more Quick Looks, Patrick forced the whole Giant Bomb crew to sit and watch as he typed out this article. Had he not written this article, I'm sure the uploading of content would be the exact same as it is right now, except minus this.

And to all the people who are ragging on Patrick for trying to steal the spotlight, or making this all about him by quoting his tweet at the end of the article; do you not understand that it's a part of writing style? Rather than saying "IN CONCLUSION I TOTALLY SUPPORT THIS ISSUE THE END.", he's cleverly using a statement made publicly in support of this movement or whatever you want to call it, as a wrap-up to summarize his support of this movement or whatever you want to call it?

I don't think for even a second Patrick is trying to make this about himself, he's just using a statement that he made outside the article that he felt summarized his feelings on this as a summary for the article that expanded the issue and how he felt.

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1) Chrono Trigger

2) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

3) Bioshock

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@MrKlorox said:

@princess_zelda said:

I think Nintendo is fine with something tasteless/obscene as long as it doesn't directly reference their own products. They're specifically trying to avoid being associated with filth that tries to look like Zelda.

The Darksiders series is way closer to a Zelda game than Binding of Isaac. Something tells me you haven't played this game.

I would disagree with that myself. Ignoring the whole religious concerns thing, I feel like I'm the only one who's ever played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, every single time I see BoI brought up. It's always mentioned as "closely resembling" an unnamed Zelda game but the two games are actually similar to an extreme degree.

Just watch the trailer for the Binding of Isaac and compare and layouts of rooms and movements of enemies to those in some of the dungeons and areas in A Link to the Past.

Monstro's jumping nearly mirrors the Armos Knight's, Scolex is pretty much just the Lanmola fight, the Duke of Flies acts similar to an Octoballoon, Fistula splits like a Biri; so on so forth.

So while I'm not saying that the Binding of Isaac doesn't have a completely new story, that's totally unrelated to the Zelda storyline, and I'm also not saying that it's a carbon copy or that it isn't a fun game but there is definitely no game closer to ALttP than BoI that I can think of.