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Hi guys I picked up Skylanders: Spyros Adventures today on the 3DS as the starter pack was really cheap and I wanted to give it a try. I'm enjoying it but am a little confused by the challenges. For example in the very first level there is a challenge to get 100 radiance, in my first run I collected 194 radiance. However in the list it is not checked off in any way, I'm wondering how you know you have completed a specific challenge? The reason I ask is you need to unlock all 4 challenges to unlock the 5th for the level and without telling which ones I have and have not done it becomes a little hard.


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Ahh because fly can and surf can both be used outside of combat yeah? Forgot about that! Thanks heaps :D

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So pokemon white 2 is my first ever pokemon game as I never got a gameboy as a kid. I'm in the early stages of the game still (only just got my first badge). I'm just wondering is the best lineup for pokemon generally have to try and have one of everything? I currently really only rely on my Pignite (Fire/Fighting), Mareep (Electric) and Riolu (Fighting), so I'm wondering if it's also worth levelling a water, grass and something else for my last three pokemon to have a well rounded lineup?

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I've got no friends who are deep into gaming and none that showed any interest in XCOM so I've really not been able to discuss it with anyone so I thought I'd just post here and say how much I love the game.

Granted the frame rate on the PS3 is disgustingly woeful (I've never seen such bad frame rate when swapping to cut scenes etc) it doesn't really bother me because the game is such slowly paced it's not like I'm waiting to rush to my next objective anyway.

I've never played a tactical game before though so I'm playing on easy and still finding it a bit of a challenge, mostly because the AI seems to react in a manner I would consider irrational, for example ignoring the easy shot on my stupidly placed marine and running the opposite direction. I just love my snipers at the moment and am struggling with using the heavy properly. I also seem to be running around like crazy trying to sort out what facilities to build, what to research, when to upgrade my squad and all that but that is half the fun. I've had one bad KIA on the first mission in when I did something stupid otherwise everyone is surviving although I restarted my game after about 4 hours of play once I felt I knew what I was doing. I also have a feeling the tutorial was bugged for me because this time around when I entered the situation room it actually explained how satellites worked which I swear it didn't before.

Also took me a long time to work out there were objectives to fulfill in this game....sounds silly but I really had no idea tbh. Anyway just wanted to say that I'm really loving this game, first of it's type for me and I'm hoping definitely not the last. While playing on easy is probably trivial to most people I'm hoping once I'm done to play on normal which will then open up avenues for other strategy games or even games I'd put in a similar category such as SimCity / Civ that require patience and more thought than games I am used to playing.

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Ahh didn't even think about that, thanks guys while I know about Giant Bomb I'm still coming to terms with how to use it's databases, the podcast and the forums are what I use mostly so I thought I'd get more help here.

Thanks :D

EDIT: I just got her Diabolic Box and will wait till the first is in stock (I saved over 50% on retail stores here it's just crazy).

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Looking at getting the professor Layton games for my gf after the Christmas rush as we bought ourselves a 3DS XL for Christmas and she seems to think she likes puzzle games, so here is hoping :)

I was looking at ozgameshop (mostly because they have pretty much everything and they also had good prices for us) however I'm a bit confused.... the link is

I wanted to get her the first game which according to is the Curious Village, but the link above has TWO Curious Villages, is one a remake? Is one just a different box? Is there even any point getting the first and doing them in order? So confused!

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Hey guys just wondering how many people have hooked up their PC to the TV and don't have it on a standard desktop anymore? The reason I ask is that I currently have a HTPC connected to my TV and it works great but my gaming rig has been getting no love at all. I have a whole bunch of games but after a long day at work / uni the last thing I feel like doing is sitting back down a computer and playing games, sitting on the couch with a controller however is a little easier to do.

With the phantom lapboards looking really cool and decent controller support for most other games, plus with Steam big picture mode going beta some time this month I was highly considering getting rid of my HTPC and merging it into my current rig, have XBMC launch on startup like normal and then launch my games from the XBMC interface, or just tab out when I want to play games. Just wondering who exclusively uses their PC on their TV and if it works well? I don't do any sort of editing on that machine at all for work or study I normally do that on my laptop because I hate having to save things in a million different locations it's just easier to save it all to a drop box (for redundancy) and just work off the laptop.

My concern is that I won't get the most out of my rig....

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Finally got through Fate Stay/Night what an abysmal series, but I'm trying to work through all these recommendations I was given. Started season 2, which I guess is actually Fate/Zero and I'm enjoying that so far much more. The servants seem like far more fleshed out characters with personality (Saber still looks like the biggest drip there) the new characters aren't as whiny and Kiritsugu or whatever his name is looks pretty cool he has proper anime hair so you know he is legit. As a result I think I may actually enjoy this season, especially because the "Hero King" is amazeballs.

Anyway only this and like a few Gundam Seasons that I am a bit eh about to go and I've broken the back of most of this stuff but I might be looking for a newer season soon so I'll ask for some opinions here in a few weeks I guess.

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Mohawk, been growing it for about 8 months. Ironically never been into punk or anything but I just always wanted once since I was a kid thanks to my skater in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2........thankfully my gf is very supportive of my craziness so yeah that's my current hair.

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Hey guys I'm developing a small Java program for myself at home that allows me to rename my podcasts, apply certain meta data and then move the items over to another folder, with some luck it will also notify XBMC and update the library as I currently have an amazing HTPC set up, all it's lacking is good podcast integration without the use of an addon (I'm meh about addons). I'm a fairly novice programmer so this will take a bit of time to get done but I thought it might be useful for other people. It is still in the really early phases at the moment it only renames the default naming structure for the podcasts and that is it. All I've had it do is change the file name from Giant Bombcast mm-dd-yyyy to Giant Bombcast yyyy-mm-dd so I can sort in a descending order properly, it's also just my preference for storing dated media.

Future plans are the following:

-Make algorithm to sort file name more robust to deal with E3 podcasts and one off's with atypical file names

-Move files to another folder upon rename

-Remove existing meta data and re-tag with my own.

-Allow for user to enter a static watch and move folder in a txt document to allow java file to be executed from anywhere

-Add RSS functionality to have it scrape RSS and download the file for you

-I guess anything else people think is viable

As I said this just works on the STANDARD podcasts that are all named the same. It should work cross platform but it would be nice for people to try as I can only test it in a windows environment.

I can assume no loss or damage to your beloved podcasts so make sure that you copy the files as I did first just incase. To make this work simply extract the zip file below into your podcast folder, run the jar and it will do the renaming. If anyone wanted to help develop it that would be pretty cool too. Again I am very novice so anyone who wants to help would have to be willing to take a little longer to implement some solutions, if not I guess this will keep me occupied in the few minutes I get free between Uni, work, sport and apparently now tutoring math.....

Lastly if people are weird about downloading a random java file I can post the source code if that would help, it's probably embarrassingly bad but if it puts minds at ease.