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Oh man, I want this! If this can integrate seamlessly with the PS3 it's going to be simply amazing.

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Nice to see Heavy Rain in the top 10 and that Enslaved made so many lists!  
That's some interesting data, though.

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I'll do this occasionally if I really like the game. I bought Eternal Sonata at launch and then bought the PS3 version shortly after it came out because I really wanted to try the new content I did that with th GOTY version of Fallout 3 as well for first Xbox, then PS3. I double dipped on Mass Effect, Psychonauts, KOTOR and both Left Dead games on PC and Xbox. I double dipped on Bioshock and the Orange Box for the PC and PS3. Finally, I triple dipped on Mass Effect 2 for the PC, Xbox and PS3 (preorder). 
Most of my PC double dipping is because of crazy low Steam prices and a badass video card that just makes my games look better.

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@DriveupLife:  It's like you read my mind when I first read this story.
I enjoyed the Demo of the PSP version, but Jesus man, I bought a nice ass TV to play console games. When I commute, I'm driving for an hour to and from work so I can't play a portable system then. And when I'm at home I have the aforementioned TV that I want to play VC on, not the PSP.
I loved the first game and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm still not sure if I'll even buy the second game because I don't want to play long games on the PSP. I love Jeanne D'arc, but I know I won't ever finish it becuase I just don't want to play my PSP for more than 10 minutes at a time. Which is also the only reason why I will never buy Peace Wlaker.
I'm hoping that Sega uses revenue from the two VC installments on the PSP to take a chance on another PS3 version of the game. I'm certain the second proper console version will be a much greater success than the first.
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Really? neat!
I didn't play past beating it and getting the 1000 points in the week that it came out, but it's cool that Sega is throwing one final patch at us.

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That's the one obstacle for Netflix on the PS3 for me. Sometimes I just want to watch an episode of Reno 911 before playing Dragon Age and I find myself watching 3 episodes because I don't feel like putting the disc in. 
My laziness will finally be catered to! Thanks Netflix!
But really, this is good news and hopefully it runs a little faster and isn't as ugly.

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This better come the the US!

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I don't think the new Cole is going to be a negative. As much as I loved the game (I platinum'd it!) I think that injecting some personality and some likeability into Cole will be good for the game.

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I play my PS3 for everything I can and only play 360 for exclusives these days. Ever since my 360 red ringed it left a bad taste in my mouth for the console and the PS3 has been getting better exclusives of late anyway. I also prefer the dual shock.
But my 360 gets plenty of Netflix action, whereas my PS3 gets all Blu-Rays (obviously) and DVDs. So my media time is split pretty evenly.