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I admit it I screwed up the case that was on my mind...I meant to point out Jerry yeah...Penn State is full of fucking saints.

Sandusky's crimes involved young boys. Your original post seems to be saying that men are pigs and we should protect the womans.

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Like others have said.. getting the 4 old souls is a little past the half way point.

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@groin: You mean Wellager? Yeah, that's all I can think of. Other merchants that have NG++-exclusive items seem to be affected by Ascetics, but he doesn't (or I don't know which bonfire to use).

Yup, Wellager is the NPC. The spells he sells require a lot of PVP grinding to acquire.

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It's only worth it if you're trying to get all the achivements/trophies. You can buy 2 spells from an NPC that otherwise take a long time to acquire.

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The Ruin Sentinels get demolished by powerstanced clubs or maces. A powerstanced L2 attack will stagger them and inflict about 30+% damage.

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Were enough people really having so much difficulty with The Last Giant that his damage needed to be decreased even lower than what it was? He's practically a tutorial boss.

He can 1 shot low level characters that are fully hollowed. I was watching my friend fight him and he kept getting 1 shotted by the stomp attack. I know that he should 'get gud' but From Software probably have stats that show that new players were having difficulty against him.

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@groin: Doing Covenant of Champions with Hexes is extremely nonsensical; it's like let's play the game the easiest way possible and then make it slightly harder; pro decision.

You're so adorable. I would squeeze your cheeks if you were a relative of mine.

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Was the ladle run on them during the Lobos stream? Last I saw he was in the Pilgrims of Dark. Did he do it under the Company of Champions?

EDIT: I've been fighting them with a two handed Uchigatana as a shield is essentially useless against Watcher. Blocking has never been a viable option as far as I've seen.

Yes it was Lobos but not under Company of Champions.

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Have you fought the Throne bosses under a normal game and under the Company of Champions?

Yes, I did with a hex build. Obviously hex is easier than melee but I didn't notice anything different about them. BTW, I just watched someone beat them shieldless while 2-handing a ladle that did less than 100 dmg per hit.

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I think a lot of people are missing that he's doing this while in the Company of Champions.

That fight has no new mechanics while in that covenant. They only have higher defense and damage output. You can make the Watcher fall off the map for an instant kill. You can also cheese them with poison. A few casts of Flame Swathe solves any boss problem. You can beat them with a standard melee build if you're patient enough to wait for safe openings.

That is definitely not true. I've seen videos of the fight on normal game and the only fight of them in the Company of Champions was done by a dude that had a 100% block shield (I can't use any 100% shield), used butterfly poison, and forced them to fall off the stage.

If you've seen them killed legit while in the Company of Champions please link to that video. The fact that they ONLY have higher def and damage output is one of the issues. I can get stunlocked by the Watcher's combo and die. Defender can kill me in two hits. Both of them like to attack in unison and that forces me to waste all my stamina on dodging their attacks. The AI aggression boost is no joke as the videos I've seen on normal mode shows that they'll just let you wail on one Throne boss while the other is off smelling roses.

The fact that they are weak to fire can be the DPS boost I'll need. It's surprising that they're weak to poison, but that's a road I'm not willing to take. A few casts of Flame Swathe WILL NOT solve the problem as I tried that as a test. I tried nuking them with 4 and they were still kicking. They will block the cast. I managed to hit Defender with two shots of my Chaos Storm as he was reviving throne, but he barely survived and Watcher killed me as I was still in the animation.

The plan I've been going with is to have 1 Throne at half health (I don't want them to get the buff) while I focused on killing the other one. I tried blitzing Watcher when she was the only one left (I hit her around 12 times during that 15 second window), but I didn't have the DPS and stamina to finish her in time. Like I said, the Fire buff might be the DPS boost I was looking for. I'll see how that goes.

What's not true? You did not describe any new mechanics. The bosses are just as aggressive in NG mode. Fighting them as melee requires extreme patience to wait for safe openings. You can impose all the arbitrary restrictions on your build (SL 99, 10 STR, etc) but that only allows people to give you Gary Whitta advice. If they are blocking Flame Swathe then you do not have enough cast speed and/or are not punishing their whiffed combos properly.