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The DLC difficulty scales with your soul memory so you cannot overlevel it. No other areas in the game work this way. The gank squad boss is poor design but you can beat them solo as a melee character. I did it while 2 handing a Murakumo. You just need to lame it out and not get greedy with your attacks. I honestly think that Dark Lurker is a more challenging boss with a melee character.

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Everyone will get a reskinned Murakumo from that chest. It is not random.

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Right, and everyone's subjective definition of what is outside of bounds is different, a lot of people happen to believe whether the bug or exploit is within the code or put into the code by an outside device it's still cheating. The only way to make a fair comparison is if everyone plays by the same rules. If everyone is off doing their own thing because "in my opinion its not cheating" then there's no competition because everyone is playing some different modified new version in their own world. There's no half measure.

What we have here is a guy who designed his own game around tasks contained in the cart, got popular because the game was OoT, and got very very skilled at some weird player hack of a game with new rules. The article is leading with a foot that's implying this is somehow a feat connected with OoT, equating a 20 hour normal clear with flawed code that created an entirely separate game.

As someone who grew up in 8 and 16 bit eras, these types of articles are misleading fresh blood into believing taking advantage of glitched code is skill at the game. It's disrespectful to those who put effort into creating the extraordinary mechanics in some of these games that were meant to be used and not exploited. It's almost a form of plagiarism.

It's not just "a guy" who is playing by his own rules. There is a very active community that do these glitched runs in OoT. This leaderboard has 599 participants on it: You're also asserting that performing these glitches is trivial and requires little to no skill. Many of the glitches performed in Cosmo's run have to be performed with frame perfect timing which means there is a 1/20th of a second window to execute. It seems like you don't know what plagiarism means either.

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@jesna: Was Fei Long considered top tier pre Fuudo?

Upon the release of Super SF4 Fei was considered bottom tier until Mago started playing him. Fei was certainly top tier in that game. Here is a 2011 tier list:

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@gaspower: Wong won winners finals with a wakeup super, just saying. Not to say he wasn't playing as well as Fchamp or Chris G, but he wasn't on some amazing other level aside from barrel rolling skills. There were A LOT of mistakes in winners, losers, and grand finals from all 3 players.

It was not a wake up super. He was holding down-back and pressing the team super button. FChamp left a gap in his combo that allowed the super to come out otherwise JWonggg would have kept blocking.

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Greetings Doctor bakoomerang, you can opt-in to Hearthstone chat by sending a friend request to your opponent.

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I weigh 85 kilometers

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Looks like it time to 1 shot new players with great combustion in the burg.

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  1. quake 2
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  3. quake 3
  4. doom 1
  5. cod 1
  6. cod 4
  7. cod waw
  8. serious sam
  9. far cry 3 blood dargon
  10. bioshock
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You can make Dragonrider fall off the platform after he takes 6.5 steps towards the entrance fog gate.

You can 1 shot Royal Rat Authority by casting the Dead Again on the corpses of his minions.

You can 1 shot all the rats in Royal Rat Vanguard by casting Soul Appease.

You can stunlock the Ruin Sentinels with powerstanced club/maces L2 attack.