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Pressing escape closes the game instantly without any confirmation.

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Google and gmail are not reachable on my work PC but I can connect from my home PC. My work and home PCs are on different ISPs and I also live in Canada.

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so are emergency services able to narrow down someone's location even if they're just given a city? this guy couldn't have put his full address up.

The people that are responsible for the swatting know the guy's address. There's all kinds of social engineering tricks you can do to find out someone's personal info. People can also leak personal info on facebook, skype, etc. If you use the same username on every site you ever sign up on then it makes it a lot easier.

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gaywithmydad on twitch

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The madness of the MGS series doesn't really begin until MGS2.

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@legion_ said:

@loafsmooch: Playing on PS3, and I have to say, that version is disappointing. Does the Xbox 360 run as poor as the PS3 version?

I'm a crazy person that owns all 3 versions (in digital form). The PS3 version is the worst one performance wise. The frame rate often plummets and the load times are abysmal. People will argue that the PS3 version has the best community though.

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@spaceinsomniac: Male vs female and softcore vs hardcore characters. You can also use them as mules.

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Greetings Doctor SpaceInsomniac, each character you create occupies a character slot. People that pre-order can make 15 characters instead 12 characters for non-preorders.

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