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#1 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

Been dragging this game out ever since I got it almost 6 months ago, don't know how far I've gotten, but I really like it. The controls can seem really flimsy at times, however, but I suspect maybe I have the sensitivity up way too high?

@Magicsteve said:

Looking forward to the sequel. Haven't played any DLC yet, is it worth picking up?

Also this. I got the military DLC with my pre-order of it, and I just beat the first mission. It was alright, always enjoy myself some costumes in games, but what about the other two?

#2 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

Sometimes I wish my main language was English so that I would be able to use some of the slang used here, since it's all pretty ballin' slang.

#3 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

@Sooty said:

If your nails are scratching Vita screens then:

1) Trim your nails you bloody oaf.

Why cut your nails when you can play a video game?

I cut my nails on a regular basis

#4 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

@Ravenlight said:

Grow a luxurious olde-timey beard and rub your face all over the screen. Bonus points for wearing a top hat.

The beard is halfway done ;)

@Sooty said:

Buy a cheap screen cleaning solution like Dr. Magic.

I don't really see the point in a case or screen protector for the Vita, with a phone I can understand it because you actually walk around while using those, but you don't walk around while playing a Vita so it's less likely to get scratched, just put it in a slip case when going in bags and such.

@mwng said:

I tend to use cheapy window cleaner (it's like water but evaporates quicker, so it doesn't leave marks) and a glasses cloth.

And it's never too late to get a screen protector, I'd much rather replace one of them than the Vita screen. Suggest not going really cheap, the better quality ones are hardly noticeable once applied.

I dunno what kind of situation you guys are getting into with a Vita where scratching the screen is possible. Playing on a couch, on a train, a plane, in a car? How can you scratch it?! It should always be protected in bags with a slip case or something, but otherwise I just don't see the point in total screen protection. Don't leave it in a place where someone might drop keys on it or something and there's no issue, I put mine at the back of a drawer when not being used.

and screen protectors really won't do much if you drop the thing, so again, how can you scratch the screen so bad when you're probably sitting stationary while using it?

I dunno, nails and shit? Sometimes screens seem to scratch for the hell of it. The screen protector is for the extra protection, probably due to all the shit that's stuck on your fingers. I barely use them, anyway so I don't know.

#5 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

@AlisterCat: I know what you mean, don't use one on my phone and don't use one on my tablet, but I guess I'm just a lot more scared about this device getting hurt, heh.

#6 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

Yeah, I've been using a micro fiber cloth for most of my cleaning (forgot to mention that), but like I said there are still some smudges that refuse to go away... But I'll definitely look into getting a screen protector. Thanks for the replies, guys!

#7 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

So I've had my Vita for almost a year now, and as stupid as I was I never bought a screen protector. Even though I've tried to keep it fairly clean, some smudges just won't go away no matter what I've tried. Granted, I haven't really tried much anyhow. Either way, what's a good way to clean it more thoroughly and do you recommend getting a screen protector this far in?

Thanks duders!

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@devilzrule27 said:

Thats what happened to my 60GB the second time it broke. Got real loud and very hot and then shut off never to be turned on again. By that time it was just my media machine as the blue ray drive had failed for the 2nd time, first time Sony fixed it for me. Still lost over $1000 worth of Video Store purchases though. That really sucked.

Anyway, yeah, slims are great but I'd run your 60 until it dies since the new consoles should be out next year. If you plan on getting one that is.

Oh, these scary thoughts. Must be horrible having it happen twice, geez.

Well, that all depends on pricing and promises, I guess. Guess I'll wait for the announcements, but the Christmas deals are oh-so tempting, heh.

#9 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

@devilzrule27 said:

Not really but the newer models starting with the first Slim are much quieter, use a lot less power, and are no longer small personal heaters.

Yeah, I'm just scared it'll crap out on me, since it's progressively been getting louder and louder and warmer. Before it used to turn on the vacuum cleaner while playing games, now I just have to turn it on.

#10 Posted by Groof (20 posts) -

I'm still on my 2006 60GB phat. Is it worth upgrading to a super slim? There are some Christmas deals going on right now as well...

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