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In my opinion they have the perfect length. If you are thinking of subscribing to watch this series you are not gonna be disapointed. The chemestry between the two is just great. Also Dan's passion for the absurdity of Metal Gear and the problems that Drew has with the game make for very interesting conversation.

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That's pretty shity. I feel for you man. But at least they can't rob you of your love forwrestling.

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My favourite Ryan Davis moment was every first few seconds to a minute or so of every bombcast. I loved tuesday, I craved for it. Not so much anymore. I'm not looking foward to tomorrow, it's problably going to be sadder than today.

I'm just gonna teke 15 minutes off work and go cry in the bathroom right now.

Maybe someday I'll come back to this thread.

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Holy shit.

I've never met him but goddamn am i going to miss him.

Today is not a fun day anymore.

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I played on hard my first time through and didn't have much of a problem, I died but didn't get frustrated. I put three or so points in shield for each point in salts and used return to sender, bucking bronco, a pistol or a rocket launcher and a trusty shotgun. Just pop the dudes in the air and pick them off with the shotty. The upgrade for bucking bronco that makes it spread after each kill is AWESOME. Charge is fun too.

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Fucking yes!!!