It's thinking.

Gone are the days of my carefree childhood gaming, alas, Toy Commander, House Of the Dead 2, Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure.
All dear friend's of mine, and since I'm slightly late with the 10 year anniversary of The Dreamcast, it only seems right to re-collect the lovely white box that was kicked in the nuts.
I first recieved my Dreamcast, Christmas of 2001 (Pretty much the year the Dreamcast died.)
My parents got me Toy Commander and The House of The Dead 2 alongside the Dreamcast, and I remember for the first time fresh in my memory, the VMU beeping.
The VMU system was like nothing I'd ever seen, I sometimes even played it more often than my Gameboy. It was so crazy.
The Dreamcast was a major jump from my Playstation 1 and my brothers Sega Saturn, I had never seen graphics like this before in my life, I remember playing a demo for Jet Set radio and remembering how mind blown I was from the art style that game contained.
Unfortunately, The Downfall of the system eventually came upon us, slowly but surely.
I really didn't seem to notice at all, I was still quite happy playing my higher quality version of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2.
I adore you swirl of joy. 

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Left 4 Dead demo.

I swear, I really have to make a blog about this.

This game is awesome to a friggin "T" from the zombie animations to the level design. I have the pc version, and knowing that my pc hasn't been upgraded since last year it runs awesome on "high" settings even when there's about 50 zombies on the screen at the one time.

I can't believe I doubted this game at first sight. Mowing down a horde of the undead with a mac 10 with a biker dude has never been so much fun.

This game does have it's "OMGWTFFWHODAFUXWUZDAT?!" moments, like one time I was walking down a staircase in the first level of the demo, a huge amount of zombies just burst through the wall and start chasing me.

Looks like this game will be going down on some christmas lists this year.


Casting Some Dreams - Generic Title much?

A choice can be made here.
I'm in the position of wanting Rock Band, OR A Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast supposodley an awesome console, and there was some awesome titles like Jet Set Radio,Shenmue,Sonic Adventures,Zombie Revenge and Virtua Fighter 3
and such.

But Rockband has a Guitar,Drumkit and a Microphone. :\

I ask you fellow Bombers (that sounds like I'm saying your all terrorists.)  I need to come to a decision.
Dreamcast Or Rockband for the 360?


Virtual Arcades...

You know... the bastards that steal your money over your console?

So I'm going to talk about my adventures through both Xbox Live Arcade and The Virtual Console from Wii

Xbox Live Arcade
As I was strolling through Xbox's Dashboard making the little sounds of the blades flying over one another (am I the only one that finds that fun?)
So I stopped at the marketplace and took a step in.I Couldn't really see much that I wanted. Half of the Games in The Xbox Originals Section I allready have.
And I'll buy a movie when I see fit. So I entered the caverns of The Xbox Live Arcade. No joke, I litterally jumped from my seat when I realised half the games I used to play on my old abandoned consoles somewhere are in this Little Shop. So I was Scrolling all the way down untill.
Yeah, I just used to bloody love playing this game on my playstation back in the days my friends would come over almost every friday to get a good old game.
Holy Hand Grenades,Cluster Bombs,Sheep. Everything to us in that game was a laugh riot.
So with that 1000 microsoft points I had I just bought this thing, seriously let me tell you. I almost nearly Called up my friends before I thought... Oh shit only 1 controller
I was wondering if this game still had the old 1 Controller for 4 players support.

So As soon I heard that little Noise and the message popping up on my screen saying I had received it I took a long hard stare at My Ps1 collection to make sure I didn't waste any money by buying this again. Sure as though, it wasn't there. So I started playing, and you motherfuck....

Oh Just Come The Fuck ON!

Me being the content idiot I was seriously bricking it big time. This Xbox 360 is only a couple of months old since the last one broke down.
So I restarted my xbox 360 All was well seemed to boot up just fine Played Some Gta 4 and Halo 3 it seemed okay to be honest.

I'm just pretty much scared to play Worms Again. I don't know if I should retry any time Soon.

Wii's Virtual Cosnole
This doesn't have such a bad ending as My Expedition in Xbox Live Arcade, So I was searching up on the internet you know like Top 10 Virtual Console games just to see what I should get. Apparently a pretty underated Game for The Nintendo 64 named Sin and Punishment was hot right now so I decided oh... what the hell I bought it.

so Back on track The download finished. I played the game and yeah it was allright. Controls are pretty poor but yeah the game is well done for it's time I'd have to say.
It's a kind of on rails shooter. Not so much of a light gun shooter though. I actually Found This game To Be Pretty Addictive so If You have the chance

Buy Sin And Punishment On the Virtual Console.

peace out.



I know, I haven't been active much on gamespot but after seeing all these blog posts about Giant Bomb I decided to hop along The bandwagon.
All I have to say is wow. This is anything I've currently wanted in some sort of gaming/entertainment site. I may Add Videos Via Youtube. And such of which
I've made some in the past. I shall start posting them Once I get all my gamespot friends back again.