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The only thing I've noticed is that when repairing a moving tank, sometimes, you actually go "inside" of the tank as it moves around, which is a little weird. 
Never noticed any lag, the game looks the same as the 360 version (at least the 360 demo I played).

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@kingando420: I think they did it as a balancing scheme - a good pilot could (and usually would) change the game in BF2. Now, you pretty much get one ride into the fight, you get shot up, jump out - rinse and repeat. All in all, aircraft have been weakened in every game since BF2.  I do like the UAV though.
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Yeah, I used to open a private server in BF2 and BF2142 and just fly the aircraft around the map (for those that don't remember there were JSFs and MIG 29s along with Blackhawks and Apache's in BF2) to practice. Since I switched over to console gaming for most things, I have really missed this feature.  I would say that aircraft are in general easier to fly in BF2 than any previous BF game, they have finally got the cyclic controls right.  
One issue is that it is hard to fix yourself up in the console games - if you get shot up in the older games, it was fairly easy to go hover over the pad and fix yourself. Not so much now.

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Im we just have to all get on at the same time.

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Thanks for the add - still haven't won a domination match with Raven, although we own Aquisition.  Would like to get some clan matches in and maybe get a win.

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I'd like to join if possible - 
psn: grottomatic
faction: raven, level 11
Mic: yes

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This game takes some time... it was really dragging until I got to about level 10, and now I'm having a lot more fun.  I have yet to win a domination match with Raven, but we're almost there.  There are some truly epic moments - parachuting into the map, seeing waves of troops moving forward to their objectives  in the last states of domination - pretty awesome. Wish there was more voice chat though.

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I don't know what you guys are talking about, I have definitely charged to a clear area without enemies.  Just bring up your power in the pause menu, point where you want to go, and hit A (on the xbox). The combo is overload, charge, incendiary shotgun - dead (my solution for big krogans). Charge is definitely powerful.

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I played from about 7 to 11 pm - NOT ENOUGH.  I've been obsessing all morning at work.

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@Geno said:
" Can Macs even run this game? They basically don't even have graphics cards.  "
Macs definitely have graphics cards - iMac offers intel i5 and i7 w/ ATI 4850 on the iMac.  My next computer by the way - with the 27 inch screen.
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