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Dave Lang all day every day.

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I disagree with almost every single opinion Dan Ryckert has and it makes me so, so, soooo happy. I am like so many people in "game journalism" and like so many who follow games at this level. I'm a self-important white liberal. I believe that my beliefs are important, so I have to curate them carefully and check them against ideological/class/race/academic conflicts before allowing them to thrive. I am a child of the 90s, so ethical and personal sincerity flow through my veins like a virus that I can never eradicate.

Dan holds a mirror up to the world and those who get angry are seeing their own reflections.

If you are mad because someone doesn't eat the right foods, think about yourself for a moment as someone that would be upset by someone else's diet.

Even this post... I'm navel-gazing like all the navel-gazers while Dan is probably drunk, watching wrestling, playing Pogs and absolutely loving life.

Who is the dumbass? WHO!?

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Dan on why Universal is better than Disney:
"... as far as theme parks, which are supposed to be built around rides... and adrenaline... not fucking learning."

Dan is not like me at all, and I love it.

Lots of angry people here outraged that someone is not the same as them. We want different types of people around, right?

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SR3 made me truly love video games again.

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Fun experience, duder!

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Love and miss you, Ryan. I'm sure Pops Klepek was aces, as well.

Respect to @patrickklepek for, as always, bringin' it.

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Want to echo the "good guys need to speak up" thing.

Even if you agree with someone, you need to call out their abuse.