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SR3 made me truly love video games again.

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Fun experience, duder!

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Love and miss you, Ryan. I'm sure Pops Klepek was aces, as well.

Respect to @patrickklepek for, as always, bringin' it.

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Want to echo the "good guys need to speak up" thing.

Even if you agree with someone, you need to call out their abuse.

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@dreamndayunite said:

Does this white privilege exist everywhere, or do you pick and choose? Do white people in Zimbabwe and South Africa have it?

It exists where it exists, I'd say, and one of the places it exists is the American/Euro game-development and game-journalism scene.

Zimbabwe and South Africa? No idea and irrelevant to this discussion. :D

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White privilege is absolutely real.

What has turned you off the concept, perhaps, is professional ragebabies on social media who form cliques and in-groups based on who can rack up the most victim-points and stir up the most melodrama to gather the most sympathy for themselves among their cliques. They do not matter. White privilege is super-duper A THING.

Does this mean all white people experience it the same? NOPE.
Does this mean non-white people are all victims? NOPE.

There are black trans females far more privileged than me, a white male.

HOWEVER, white privilege is a thing.

There are dozens of privilege types. What the professional ragebabies love to do is ignore their privilege and focus specifically on those types of privilege they do not have.

If you are on the Internet reading/arguing about this you enjoy immense privilege. That is as true of the anonymous pieces of human dung who were throwing sexist BS around as it is of the targets of those attacks. That both sets ignore their privilege is precisely what makes them so infuriating.

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It really isn't Giant Bombs job to make sure every single different voice out there is represented.

@giantlizardking - You are right on target with this sentence.

These things, I believe:

White privilege exists.
Male privilege exists.
Women are underrepresented in video games.
Minorities are underrepresented in video games.
It would be really cool to have a more ethnically/racially/sexually diverse GB staff.
It is not GB’s job to make sure every single different voice out there is represented.

Some people out there made the choice to consider this hiring move a watershed moment in the overall history of women/trans/minorities in video games. That was their choice. They set up pre-conditions on an event over which they had zero control and made the completely irrational decision to base their own outlook on that event's outcome.

Samantha Allen edged damned close to self-awareness when she Tweeted that she was angriest with herself for believing that GB was going to hire someone non-white/non-male. She should be angry with herself for that, because she actively set herself up for disappointment and set up an event in which a disappointment of her own creation would be used by her as a weapon to impugn other people.

Then a tidal flood of ungodly human waste and stupidity drenched her (for the time being). Hopefully these people are being banned/suspended and actively shamed for their terrible terribleness.

At the end of that, however, still remains this truth: It is not GB’s job to make sure every single different voice out there is represented.

If you think it is the job of other human beings to make the world what you want it to be you are not only going to be disappointed, you are a narcissistic fool.