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There is a money printing pitch out there somewhere, involving Dan teaming up with Karl Pilkington.

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Now theres is literally 0 reasons for me to buy a console aka PS4.


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I feel sorry for them, because they can't have much going for them in life.

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Dan and Karl Pilkington might be my new dream team up, for pretty much anything.

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Wait.. What?

I assumed something so trivial would have been available since the controllers were out.

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Woody Harrelson could interest me in watching a film, I usually wouldn't.

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@altairre said:

"The fuck's a Lommy?"

"A lot of people name their swords." "Yeah, lots of cunts."

Fucking great.

Brilliant. More is this please HBO.

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@brendan said:

@billyhoush: Wait, really? Forgive my ignorance but how was it such a huge success in Japan? What about it resonated with that audience?

I only ask because 24 is more specific to U.S. political culture and Japan is far different.

I think it's probably the bit in season 1 when the writers decided that his wife should casually and pointlessly get amnesia.

On topic, I don't think either is a very good excuse. I'll hold onto the hope he'll return as Solid, though that will be when? Another 5 years from now? Other than the voice being as iconic the bandanna, everything I've seen from Hayter over the years is that he genuinly loves the character and the games. That investment to me is more important than a 'profession actor' on their next job. Hayter has been successful as a writer and just finished his first writer/director gig. Of course he works for the money, but i'd doubt he would come back for the handheld jobs if it wasn't for some love of the character.

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Thats not an Edition, it's just a buch of extra crap they're also selling.

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I think it's obvious the game they released is different to the game they initially designed.

They had to cut the advanced lighting engine due technical restraints and with that, the majority of the torch/brazier gameplay and atmosphere was lost.

I'd bet the torch had a much bigger role in the original vision, plus the design work that went into the torch 'time mechanic' is pretty pointless in the finished game.

Braziers are set in the darkened areas, which once lit are permenant. This would have added great risk/reward gameplay to swap out your shield until you've sufficiently illuminated an area.

The console optimization phase just didn't go their way.