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It worked out well for KOTOR.

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I thought Season 1 was poor until the latter sections. The first 9 or 10 episodes made me wonder why I kept returning.

Season 2 was a huge step up in quality and i'm actually looking forward to whats next.

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Only if its a romance.

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Ok, I was being silly.

I checked my inventory, rather than my library. Thanks for the heads up, my library is always set to 'installed only' so I never would have noticed.

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I have both and I don't have it :/

Same here.

I'm in England for reference.

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KB/M with no tactical view, this isn't by choice so much as by the tactical view is utter shit and combat is gimped.

You may as well use a controller because even on hard there is very little use for tactics, I'm enjoying the game but it is clearly a "dumbed down" console game compaired to Origins. With only 8 activateable abilites the game has lost much of it's cool combos and CC utility, plus I realised early on that i didn't even need to know what my teamates were doing, since level 10 i've just let them auto-level.

Even the auto-attacks now have you button mashing. Good job the world and characters are so good.

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Now they just need some actual games! Good to know they must have incentive and capital to invest in titles.

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Yeah it seems a bit insulting to the other games that got cut off. That a game where even the people that defend and enjoy the game claim the first 20 hours/story/mission design and a large amount of minor points, are all objectively bad. Oh well. The worst thing here, is that all these 'professional' outlets lists will be in some powerpoint and used at the dev/publisher HQ, for PR/marketing etc . Bungie will no doubt be patting themselves on the back for making one of the top 10 games of 2014, anyone who actually played a chunk of releases this year, knows thats not true, wheather you enjoyed Destiny or not.

The most baffling was how it didn't win, most disappointing game. Watch_Dogs came out, didn't meet or match the visuals or hype and people went 'meh' forgot about it. The reason people are still passionate about Destiny on both sides of the arguement, is because it could and SHOULD be so much more, than what we got. Don't reward them for that.

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I missed this in the sale, thats a cool thing for them to do though!

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Brad can like whatever he wants.

I do feel like he is grasping at straws whenever trying to be positive, about many aspects of Destiny.

The game does deserve a nod for the visuals, however I don't see what conversations people are worring about, here forward. Other than it obviously picking up most dissapointing game, he can mention it for GOTY, but there will be 7 dudes just saying 'nah'. What else is there? Best Shooter in a year with Wolfenstein and a (finally) decent CoD? Doubt it. Doesn't matter how good the core mechanics feel when everything around it is so poorly concieved.