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GDC isn't really a place for game announcements and they certainly don't need to be on a stage to announce a game. It'll be a hardware, tech or steam talk.

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I randomly watched the two abrams films yesterday.

This sad and strange news to hear now. RIP Spock.

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So everyones first thought when reading the title was "all of them" right?

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I'd imagine many people are in the same boat. Mostly because theres nothing else to play on PS4 rather than they really want to finally try a first souls-esque game.

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I'd take the next Elderscrolls over Fallout.

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Always happy to see real world consequences, for horrible shit done on/via the internet.

Also, I don't give the tiniest of shits if he was just 'unaware' of the seriousness of his actions. That just upgrades him from a piece of shit, to a stupid piece of shit.

These actions could have resulted in a loss of life at the scene, or even stopped the armed units from being somewhere they are really needed.

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Will it have voice acting?

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This exact feeling can also apply to Giant Bomb. They often have an opinion and then you'll see people on here, mimic them almost word for word.

They don't give out qualifications for opinions on games and that is all a review is. For every irritating asshole you see on youtube theres probably one on there you'd like and can relate to. I think a 'let's play' is the most creatively bankrupt form of game coverage, many would agree, except maybe the younger crowd. Thats all an ER is though.

I think they should push transparancy on youtube and give a heads up on marketing deals etc. But you could click on something like IGN and be told by one of their editorial team to "believe the hype". There are no credentials, just find a group/someone you trust, like we have with GB. Plus I think we're getting to a point where instead of the youtubers trying to compete with the big sites, but rather the other way around. GB and Jeff in particular are super smart and saw this a long time ago, hence the evolution of the quicklook and personality based stuff. They are already their own youtube.

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Skyrim 163 hours.

I wish I could know my playtimes before they added the recorder. I played a whole lot of DoD and DoD:S

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It worked out well for KOTOR.