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Grants Pass, OR, USA

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Damn. I was listening to the last podcast he was on as this news came out. Goddammit.

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@Turambar: That's what I thought, it seemed weird to quit out when dying and suddenly be in another area. Still scary how fast it can be done though.

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Not sure if this run has been linked to from here before, try 32 minutes and 45 seconds for the entire run. This is all done in one single segment although it looks like he uses one quit out of the game and relaunch to do one skip. Other than that though it is pure running around and doing very little other than killing the bosses.

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Far Cry 2 was by far the worst I've come across. There are multiple points in the game where the next quest objective becomes completely inaccessible. Considering that you don't know this has happened until quite some time (hours potentially) after the problem happens you can end up with a situation where you have to restart the whole game unless you keep dozens of save files around.

After this happened to me twice and I was told by Ubisoft support to "read the FAQ, you are playing it wrong" despite hundreds of people running in to these same glitches. Count me out for Far Cry 3 even though I doubt it is the same team, the complete lack of care about fixing a broken game has turned me off completely.

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I think people confuse the fact that a video is in 720p with the fact that it might be of high quality. Just because it comes in 720p doesn't mean the bitrate is anywhere near good enough. As a subscriber I can see that the bitrate used on the HD videos available on the site is much higher than those on youtube and the difference is visible.

Just something people should consider. Content may be at HD resolution but it doesn't mean it is good looking HD content.

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Yep, because I'm usually driving to/from work and just let it roll on to the next podcast on my playlist.

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I would say that most of the trophies in Pain would qualify. Consider there are 512 people listed on the site as playing the game and the average number of trophies per player is 0.6. There are only 41 trophies in the game including all the DLC.

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I think from a software point of view people who work on a game actually get credit. In my field of work there are no credits or proof you worked on something. When someone wants to check your work they have to speak to your previous employers and/or references. Why this can't be done for game development as well I don't know, the whole idea of credits seems to be a way for games to try and be like movies.

To put it another way, there has to be a better way than being in the credits of a game to build up your resume of work done. It doesn't matter if you were employed at the time the game shipped, the work you did could have been a large part of the project but just because you were not there at the single day in time when the game ships (to exaggerate the point) you suddenly don't get any work credit for what you did is ridiculous.

Just my thoughts as someone who has written software that millions use but nobody actually knows who I am when they use it. That fact has not hurt my career one bit.

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It is not available in the US for some reason. You can get it in all other parts of the world so people are assuming it is some form of exclusivity deal or something to do with Sony specifically.