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I read this on ign and the story sounds exactly like Dishonored. I would have liked a more original approach to the story, however i am happy to hear another thief is coming.

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peace walker

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@EdIsCool:  As a registered democrat i can say i fully back the new legislature in Arizona. I'm tired of hearing about ILLEGAL (why the F*** can't some people understand that word is beyond me) immigrants coming across our borders and bringing crime, poverty, and anchor babies into our nation. Look at our welfare offices, they're filled with illegals that had children in this country that now need help paying for these babies that insure the parents can stay, because they knocked up some mamacita so they could leach off of our social services. I'm tired of my tax money going to little illegal mexican babies that shouldnt be here in the first place. Every time I go to a fast food restaurant or even a privately owned restaurant i get illegals that can barely speak english screwing up my order and taking jobs from college kids or high school kids  (not necessarily white but LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS) that need it more.  Whats worse is that when they do get a job here and make money not only do they take jobs from american citizens, the money they make goes back to their impoverished families in Mexico putting a further drain on our economy. 
I'd say this law doesn't go far enough and they should give the national guard troops law enforcement privilages and detain and deport their illegal asses back to mexico. No problem if they want to get here the way all legal immigrants did by applying for citizenship and working hard to make a living. But if they decide to break the law, they deserve to be punished. God bless Arizona for finally standing
up to the ignorant masses which mainly consist of illegals bitching about how theyre going to get deported. And crap like this crayola picture is just another piece of propaganda from those illegal supporters.
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Watched video saying that online mode features a posse system. Now is that like a persistent clan system or just a pick up group thing?

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When I proposed to my wife I didn't ask her parents. Just because I didn't want them to spoil it but when we announced it they were thrilled to be the first ones told. So I'd say at least tell HER parents first then yours.

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There's some great games in there Oblivion, Earthbound, Sims 2, Half Life, and Chrono Trigger. Fond memories of all those, surprised I forgot about oblivion.  DK64 was good mario 64 clone that was fun in its own way.

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Ok just wanted to throw out a blog for fun but well what are they?  Everyone loves lists...
In order:
1.) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
2.) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ( Sega Genesis)
3.) Dead Space (Xbox 360)
4.) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)
5.) Resident Evil Remake ( GameCube)