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@themathlete: The 32GB will get filled, but there's really no need to have all the PS+ library installed at once.

Currently on my 32GB I have:



Hotline Miami


Pixeljunk Monsters

Rayman Origins

Sonic et al racing

Mortal Kombat

Soul Sacrifice



Jak & Daxter Trilogy

PS All Stars

Patapon 3

Peace Walker


Crash Bandicoot + CTR

Pac Man CE

Thomas Was Alone

Super Stardust Delta


Stealth Inc

Sine Mora

Olli Olli

Blaz Blue

And a couple of other things, like YouTube. If you need more than that installed at once you may have ADD :P

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That's an incredible value.

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I got blowtorched to death on a BF3 TNT, that was embarrassing

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AI just isn't a huge focus in games development. Firstly because it's an improvement which is hard to market and Joe Blogs wouldnt fully appreciate, and secondly because it is just plain hard.

There's only so far that a complex binary state machine can take you before it gets overwhelmingly complicated, and alternatives such as genetic algorithms are just unsuitable for games development.

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If you've already had PS+ and have been redeeming games for a while a vita is a no brained. Tearaway, Persona and WipEout alone validated it for me and the amount of games from PS+ is ridiculous.

I do plan on getting a 3DS at some point though- Fire Emblem, Zelda and Animal Crossing look too good to pass up.

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@sammo21: He reviewed KZ2, gave it 5 stars

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I switched banks when I realised how terrible Maestro is. I just use PayPal for Giant Bomb, though.

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You worry me, Seppli. Was expecting a sexy thread and instead got wet work.


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Sounds like it's similar to the version that was included in one of the Android Humble Bundles, which doesn't have any microtransactions either.