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As a nation, in England we manage to hurt ourselves enough with fireworks that it really is a good thing we don't have these kind of weapons.

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Disagree, but understand why he did it?

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£0. Pizza's expensive, yo.

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Give things another shot duder.

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I'm waiting for Pocketcasts to allow authenticated feeds still :|

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@fattony12000: haha sorry dude, was months ago and I've lost the dropoff leaflet thing

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@rorie: Another pretty big issue we have is that T-Shirts that are bundled with memberships are charged pretty ridiculous import duties. Because the label on the package places the value as the whole membership rather than the shirt itself we can end up being charged around £15 on top of the pretty high postage fees. I think this would be fixed by simply changing the label to represent that package's actual contents.

I've ended up just abandoning one of my shirts at the post office because of that fee

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@konig_kei: I guess that's one way to introduce someone to this community, haha. Straight into the deep end.

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Generally pretty awful.

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Europe's launch is going to be nuts.