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I will be disappointed in all of you if RB doesn't win this.

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I know this is a big ask, but have you looked into Chromecast integration at all? I've been looking for ways to watch GB videos on my TV (premium ones obviously aren't on YouTube) which don't involve a HTPC or a prior download to the home server.

Love the app :)

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If it's an option, HTC One or Nexus 5. I have an S3 and Samsung don't make devices which feel nice, IMO.

If it's just between those two phones check them out in person and fiddle around with each for 5 minutes or so. Try putting the Note in your pocket to see whether or not it's too big, things like that. I've ended up falling out of love with my S3 because the damned thing is shaped like a bar of soap and keeps falling out of my hands onto my face when I watch YouTube on it in bed. Those are the kind of things which only first hand experience with the device can get you, and the store clerk will accommodate a couple of demos for a $800-$1000 contract sale.

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I need to play Valkyria again.

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The lack of Rock Band saddens me.

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The fact the animations are different makes me think it's more of a nod to the previous game than a complete rip off.

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The majority of this stuff will just get added in guys.

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Wait for reviews of Shadow Fall before making the decision?