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@grantheaslip: I can definitely see how Berserk might not be for you (it is ultra dark after all) however, if you have any interest in the Souls series then I highly suggest watching this video.

There are other videos showcasing (some of) the Berserk references in dark souls on youtube as well. Oh, and the music is from the Berserk TV anime (ending theme) "I'm waiting so long".

If your into (or interested in) Slice of life (with comedy) shows I can recommend Working!! (also known as Wagnaria!!) and Servant x Service (same folks who did Working!!).

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention that you should definitely without question watch Time of Eve; its a science fiction show and there are only six eps.

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@grantheaslip: I suggest reading the Berserk manga instead of watching any of the animes (TV/movie). Its still ongoing (since 1989) and a lot of the world building and characterizations were cut from both anime versions (TV has the character, but lacks the world; while the movie has the world, yet lacks the characters). The warning about Berserk I can give is that it is fucked up, so be prepared to see and hear about some messed up shit.

If you do walk away liking it than I can happily suggest Tokyo Ghoul (manga) to you.

As for the whole discussion about how people view anime. I find that they always seem to find either a hentai or Shounen. Although in Dan's case he did watch someone play the Dreamcast Berserk game which is the equivalent of jumping into a series during its 8th (out of 14th) session and demand it to tell you whats happening.

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@hailinel: I haven't opened up my copy yet, but reading all that makes me excited to play it after I get some sleep.

Long, long day.

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@esrever: Thanks you. I might go back and start playing DS2 again now. I was really worried that they might have scaled everything up so high that it would be impossible for a strength build to survive.

Now I just need to kill the NG++ version of the Rotten since I used that item (I forgot what its called) on him at the end of NG run.

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As someone who plays as a two-hander strength build and stopped playing right as he started NG+ just how royally fucked am I?

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I have always adored Kreia. simply put shes one of my favorite characters in gaming.

I always found it both fascinating and rather fitting that Kreia's dream was to annihilate the force from the universe.

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@mooseymcman: Really late reply, but congrats on becoming apart of the law here.

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Just started watching the English dub version of Toradora on crunchyroll. It sounds okay it's going to get some getting used to. Also question about psycho pass I want to starting watching it, so I want to ask how is the blood and gore?

The gun that the police use in Psycho-pass shoots a kind dart that causes the target to blow-up in the less fire more blood kind manner. They don't use it all the time, but it is still there.

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I'm soooo happy to see all these fellow fans of Berserk right now.

It feels nice