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I just beat Martyr Logarius and wanted to then go to hypogean gaol. I went to go find the bagman by the Cathedral Ward and he isn't spawning. I only have 10 insight, I've quit the game and nothing. Is this a bug?

No, I don't think anything is wrong. Unless this is happening before you killed Rom, The Vacuous Spider.

In order to get there after having killed Rom, you need to go through the large double doors in the building on the right from where you fight Amelia.

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The last (and first) time I fired MKX up both the story mode and the online were unavailable. Couldn't find a way to unlock them, so I just turned it off and went back to Bloodborne.

Now I'm wondering if I missed something or if it was turned off.

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@crembaw: To my knowledge, yes.

As I understand it anything that is slimy or smooth skinned and generally look alien are kin, while hairy and rough looking beings that appear to horribly mutated are usually beast. There are a few exceptions though like the giants and snakes.

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I love my Evelyn and was planning on just leaving it at plus six, but thanks to this thread I fully intend to get it maxed out.

As for Bloodtinge builds I go both skill and blood with my main weapon being the Chikage. When I put my Chikage into blood mode I can kill kin type enemies in between one or three hits. Including the enemies in Upper Cathedral.

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@humanity: Try the Rifle Spear it is a DEX weapon. Its standard form is a spear and it transforms into a two handed halberd that can fire a shotgun.

Its basically three weapons in one.

Also, there is a rapier that can transform into a pistol with bayonet in Cainhurst castle.

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My PSN is GTCknight.

hope to find help and help others in need.

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@corevi: I would have to double check, but last I remember you could honestly skip most of the fourth seasons episodes. Plot happens in the beginning then essentially disappears until the very last couple of episodes.

Edit: just realized that I'm kind of spoiling the fourth season for those who do plan on watching it.

Nothing happens in the middle at all. The only good things about that season are Crow (his armor can create wings, thus allowing him to fly), but he rarely gets any chance to shine at all. Also they give some (an episode, I think) time to build up the butler character (same guy from the first two seasons).

As for Raiga . . . . I hate him. That's all I can say about that. He is Kouga's son and lived mostly on his own, because his mom was sucked into a portal and Kouga went after her. Nothing is really resolved here; there is a potential explanation, but you never really see what happened to them or anything. Raiga was trained by Zero once he turned ten (If I recall), Raiga would always get to go back to his home (the mansion with the butler) and rest until the next day when his training would resume. Other than that one event when he was a kid, Raiga never goes through any kind of real hardships or ordeals.

Enemies that seem like they could be a rival or either killed off at the end of the episode (that they first appeared in), or he reforms and joins the good guys with everyone being totally okay with it; despite the fact that he spent an unknown amount time planning their deaths.

I should also point out that Raiga is not the same Garo who ends using up all of the armors powers, thereby meaning that the third season is even further ahead in the future. It kind of reminds of "tokyo drift" from the Fast and the Furious franchise in that sense.

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@corevi said:

@gtcknight: But the original tokusatsu is so much better. Argh.

I've watched every season of Garo and I will easily say that seasons 1 and 2 are the best. 3 was good for the character development side of things, but the fights were not at the Kouga levels of awesome, but were still fun to watch.

I HATE the fourth season though, Raiga is too fucking perfect. He has no equal or rival they don't even kill the fucking bastard responsible for everything either, instead they just give him a slap on the fucking wrist.

The anime is doing really good though.

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@awesomeusername: The problem with every Guyver series is that they end right at the best fucking part.

In the last anime series they did it ended right after the protagonist came back and had combined his Unit 1 (think it was unit 1) with a one of the creators spaceships. It would have led to him helping humanity fight back against the Zoanoids. Could have been an all out war given the fact that everyone knows about the Zoanoids (they took over the world).

All I want at this point in my life is for them to either continue where they left off back in 2006, or don't bother with it. I really don't want to watch another reboot of it just so they can find yet another cliffhanger to end the series at again.

Also if your into manga I would highly recommend reading the manga version of Tokyo Ghoul, because the first season skips and rearranged so much of it and the second season thinks that everyone watching has already read the manga.

As for anime I would suggest checking out "Garo: The Animation" if you haven't already.

I do like the Guyver series though.

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@sergio said:

@zomgfruitbunnies said:

Garo: The Animation 20 - Wasn't expecting that! RIP Lala. This just got weird, fast. There was always some tension between those two, but I sure wasn't counting on a mutual moment of weakness to bring them together.

Huh? Am I missing something? I thought the latest was episode 19. Lala? Do you mean Lara?

No your not wrong or missing anything. Garo: The Animation only has 19 eps and the character he meant to say was Lara.