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@me3639 said:

Also on the AI, i dont think its very good as they seem to just circle and strafe. Could just be me though.

It's just you.

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One really fucking weird thing I noticed on the Legend tab of the website was that it lists your subclass in your gear rarity overview, which means there will be uncommon, rare and legendary subclasses.

Only had rare drops from the story missions.
Did manage to get this last night during the Iron Banner-event, though.

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Ok, so what does this tell us? Why should I care?

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Me and my girlfriend met at work, been together for 3 years now.
Management never found out about us until we left a year in, their reaction wasn't comforting either.

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Are you guys using these controllers with anything other than fighting games?

My regular Dualshocks/360 controller sure looks boring compared to this.

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I finished B2 solo at first, and co-op later on when my friends caught up.

Was a night and day difference in difficulty, this game is really geared toward co-op.

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Like all others have said. It depends on the game and the time of year.

I've got more games than I can finish. And sometimes I just wanna stay updated and experience the game more than wanting to stay stuck and just abandon the games half-finished.

What I've discovered though is how many games still just have insta-kill enemies and areas, as you do in the harder difficulties.
Making the choice "easy" fucking useless, and you've discovered this half-way through the game.

If I like the game enough, I'll go back to it on Hard later on. This happens from time to time.

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For the lazy:


We’ve had to make the decision to delay Crawl; we won’t be releasing on July 17th unfortunately – We’re really sorry! I hope this doesn’t mess you guys around too much!

Here is my simplified rendition of how things went down, in GIF format:

What happened?

There were some tax issues with us being a partnership based in Australia, so we changed Powerhoof into a Company at the start of the month.

Everything was on track until pretty much the last step, where we got hit with an unexpected bit of red tape that we were told “may take up to 30 days” to resolve. We tried to find a way around it, but there’s nothing we can do.

When is Crawl coming out then?

We don’t know how long we’ll be delayed. It could be a couple of days, it could be a couple of weeks (we REALLY hope not!). As soon as we can we’ll let you all know.

What will we do with the extra time?

We don’t know how much extra time we’ll have, but since we already have the build ready to go we can start adding some of our cool wishlist ideas!

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@sessh said:

I just wonder if that guy eventually bought the game. Somehow I doubt it.

Don't worry, it's still just in the planning phase. He'll get to it I'm sure...

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"Adult romance", "5cm per second".