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Haven't had the controller completely die on me, but I gotta say, the battery life on the dualshock really is terrible.
As is the rubber on the sticks.

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Dumb & Dumber 2, didn't know what I was expecting, but it was worse.

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@liquiddragon said:

  • videos are performance hog. on older computers, it can even be choppy. the fans on my computers kick in. doesn't seem to be an issue on youtube. (real issue)
  • on iOS, the site frequently logs me out (just annoying)
  • notification doesn't seems to work (not a big deal)

About the performance, I think Vinny has talked some about how Giantbomb's videos are encoded with a way higher bitrate than youtube's videos, could be because of that? Are you using youtube's flash player?

About the "iOS-logging out", have you enabled cookies in Safari?

The notifications work fine for me, the last update looks a little empty though for someone that doesn't get them that often.

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@extomar said:

@scotto said:

The reason why PC is such a vibrant and diverse environment for game is because "anyone" can create something where on Sony's and Microsoft's there are "strict controls" on who gets dev kits, licensing, and as already mentioned the "certification process". Start doing these things and it kills the culture PC has created over 30 years that allows creation of entirely new genres and other "low performance" games that would never stand a chance on closed platforms like consoles.

This was true last generation. Modern development tools have made porting between PC and consoles a fraction of the hassle it once was. I'd wager getting your game on Steam now is just as difficult as getting on console, or maybe worse considering the quantity of stuff now being pushed to greenlight etc.

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@king9999 said:

You can normally see this kind of honesty from Japanese devs. Ubisoft isn't doing anything new, but at least they're acknowledging the issues.

Can you give an example of this? I normally look at Japanese as the most tightlipped over the world, just look at Fukushima.

@pxabstraction said:

Remember how Fallout: New Vegas was basically unplayable for weeks?

Same went for Skyrim on PS3.

Regarding the performance, has anyone tried to go back to the original or even the beloved AC: Brotherhood? They aren't exactly silky smooth, actually, none of them have ever been.

I played through the campaign of AC:Unity on PS4 last weekend. Only glitch I experienced was falling through the floor once during sidemission shenanigans. Was patched hours later, never happened again.

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I want this so much.

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Xbox Integration is a pretty seamless when you use it. Log into your windows phone with your microsoft ID and you're done. That said, a lot of games aren't xbox-games. Because Microsoft's restrictions make xbox certification and updates hard. Hopefully that changes.

Is there anything to the "xbox integration" on windows phone that isn't available on other platforms through apps?

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Can't find it on the PSN store on my PS4 (EU). Can't see any official statement about it on google.

Can you guys find it?

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Towerfall Ascension, without a doubt.
I kinda put the title screen on this summer just to hear the title music on repeat.

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LOVE the soundtrack in this game!

Video for the lazy: