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@mark: @starvinggamer: I tried right click "save link as..." like you would do if you were getting a podcast but all I get is a .htm file. Windows 8 PC Google Chrome.

You first need to left-click the download button, then righ-click and "save link as" on the version you want (mobile is good enough for me, and saves a lot of space).

Just import those video files to itunes and sync, or maybe use the VLC app and sync the files over there.

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@fisk0 said:

@shindig: That's interesting, I wonder what's causing those differences. I'm sure the UK in general has higher quality TV, and maybe more access to American stuff closer to when it originally airs (for example the Swedish broadcasts of Game of Thrones are one season behind the US), but even then I'm surprised to hear about actual increases in TV viewing.

The Game of Thrones argument is kind of interesting though, as HBO has been really agressive about their streaming service making Swedish localized versions their episodes available within the same 24hours. Not to mention how easy it is for people in our age to get a pirated copy with community created subtitles.

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@fisk0 said:

All this talk about hooking stuff up to your TV - isn't TV pretty much dying too? People these days really don't seem to watch a lot of TV, most TV channels, at least in Sweden (and I think most of Europe) have phone apps where you can watch their stuff. In Sweden there's been a steady decline of household TV sets, and since our public broadcasting is funded with licenses from each household with TV sets, the state attempted to expand the fee to include all owners of home computers and smart phones (this was challenged and rejected in court earlier this year though).

I'm pretty sure the entire thing of having a TV set in your living room is on the decline. Probably gonna happen slowly over the course of decades, and most will likely keep their TV sets until they break, but I have a hard time seeing kids growing up today seeing acquiring a TV set of their own as a priority when they move out from their parents.

Sure, people use their TV's to watch Netflix and stuff like that, but at some point I'm sure most will consider the TV an unnecessary expense when they can just as well watch Netflix on their tablet.

TV still has it's place as background noise now for when families are hanging out in the living room with their tablets/phones. Most channels in Sweden have streaming counterparts, but they're probably still streamed through Smart TV apps or Airplay/Chromecast like tech, to the big screen.

I agree on the TV part not being as important to kids in the future though. But it's kind of hard to see that far into the future, and how their social interactions will work then. Maybe we'll all be hooked up to oculus rift/google glass kind of headsets through or phones about then.

... Maybe we don't even need to visit each other then. Maybe we don't even need homes.

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So, 23 400 people managed to get through a crucible game with the "Mark of the unbroken" medal? Considering how easy it was to die in the crucible, I wonder if those people were just mowing down people with the interceptor on the moon or sniping the shit out of people. That is really impressive.

Also, with 4,6 million players in the Beta...

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@extomar said:

I know and recognize that and still say it doesn't matter anyway. China (along with India) is the fastest growing mobile market that dwarfs other regions like ALL OF EUROPE. If consoles are sluggish in Europe, why is China going to change this equation? If anything it is too late since "that ship has sailed" awhile ago.

This. If they haven't had consoles before, why would they want them now when tablets/phones are hotter?

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@corruptedevil: I said nothing about her "face shape", I said they should've toned down the green.

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There's been arcade like games using drifting done before. Take this Initial D racing game for example. Not sure it's been release to consoles though, or maybe the Need for Speed Underground series.

@chaser324: Screenshots in the article look awesome. Love the car models/texture and overall color palette in this level (rather than the one in the video).

Edit: Don't wanna sound like a jerk.