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Revolutionary commentary on today's top socioeconomic issues.

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I interviewed for an intern position there (not long before they got bought by CBS) and before interviewing I ate lunch at Grumpy's across the street. Ryan Davis randomly came and sat a few seats away at the bar (he had no idea I was interviewing.) I said hi and talked for a bit, then went about lunch. He came up after eating, like a pro, and shook my hand and said "best of luck on the interview sir."

That's how I'll always remember him; just a classy, funny, professional-ass professional.

RIP sir.

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Jesus. This is insane. I only met him once, just by chance. He was super nice to me. Rest in peace duder.

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Fantastic. I bet they'd have to have a notice on some games boxes that say something like "requires online connect to play" when it comes to games that use the cloud.

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Yes I read this over the weekend. It's crazy when people in the industry die. It's so rare that it happens, but it's still scary sobering to see.

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The world needs a new Jet Force Gemini!

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@sunjammer: Agreed.

I think that generally her games and her desire to spark discussion in the gaming community at large is wonderful. But, her attitude toward anyone who has the slightest disagreement with her is appallingly childlike. She regularly condemns people in the games industry without actually looking into what they really said and/or their reactions and explanations to what they said. Plus her book was filled with odd factual inaccuracies, but whatever.

Again, I have nothing personally against her and generally think she is a force of good in the video game community, but I do think that she should self analyze a bit. She and her friends have a crass, vulgar, and silly way of speaking to each other (which I'm fine with, I do the same with my friends) but the moment she hears/reads someone else's sarcasm that she doesn't like, she and her many twitter friends will dogpile on them.

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Goodbye friend. You better come back for flight club appearances! Enjoy your journey into parenthood.

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Yeah, and every time they face a shadow, the shadow say's "I am the shadow of your true inner-self" instead of "I am a shadow. The true self." It's small, but it's still noticeable to me.