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To future devs, please don't act like this when you go under. Really doesn't help when you want to go back in business.

Yeah, I don't know that I really have anything more to add to this than what everyone else is saying, but man, as a game developer and someone who loves games and the industry, this shit infuriates me. I wasn't planning on writing much, but then it all just kinda spilled out, so here I go.

Twitter Rage

First off, when someone calls their own work "art" or says they make art games, it already sets off my "pretentious meter" super hard. But then to turn around, cuss out your own industry, act like a child, and act like it's everyone else's fault that your game sold poorly is just foolishness on another level. You are not children. You are not MOBA players (probably). You are grown ass adults. Grow up.

Sales and adaptation

I've worked on games that sold less than 4000 units, one that sold less than 400! All you can do is analyze the responses form people who played them, figure out what people like and don't like about it, and use that knowledge to grow as a developer so that your next game is better.

Public Funding

I strongly disagree that the games should be publicly funded, especially if they'd be funding people with poor or no track records of making quality games. People tend to focus too hard on the "art" part of "art game" and forget about the "game" part. If I made a deeply artistic and beautiful "art car", but the car ran like garbage, people wouldn't buy it. It's not the governments job to bail out my "art car."

Passion (and I think the most important point I'll make)

If I wanted to be rich, I would not be a game developer. But I do this work because I love it, it makes me feel good, it brings me satisfaction. There are two pieces of advice that I believe everyone should remember:

1. If you CANmake a living doing what you love, then do it.

and the most important bit of advice

2. DO NOT expect to make a living doing what you love. For most people, doing what you love is called a hobby. The vast majority of people in life DO NOT get to do what they love and get paid for it. So if making art games is what you love and it's not paying the bills, then you need to get another job that does pay and make art games as a hobby.

I cannot stress this point enough. Talk to almost anyone you know in life. Most people don't love their jobs, most people have things they do on the side because it's their passion. Those people don't expect the government to fund them if their knitting project doesn't pay their mortgage.

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I cannot imagine this will end well for them.

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I just hope that they don't get stubborn like with Call of Duty and Treyarch, where they would see the cool/better mechanics added in one game, but then take them out of the next game because 'we want to do it our way.' New Vegas didn't have the same ambiance and feel that FO3 did, but mechanically, the way they handled stats and speech checks in New Vegas was so much better. In FO3 you could have super low Speech skill, have a 5% chance for a speech check to work, and just save/reload/try it again 25 in a row until to randomly worked. In NV it just plainly told you, nah you need 75 speech for this, you need 7 INT for this, ect. It made putting points into barter and speech feel meaningful in NV.

I think, from how they handled stats and speech in Skyrim, that they're probably learnt their lesson. But you never know.

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Drobot gonna smoke till he die

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I'll be there! Big, Live, and in person!

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We'll miss you duder!

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It's a shame how even some people in my class (2.5 years into a Bachelors of Science in Video Game Design) didn't even know who he was. He was directly responsible for starting our industry. It's quite possible that every single one of us (the kind of people who'd visit this site I mean) wouldn't be where we are in our life without him.

RIP sir.

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Very excited about this. I downloaded their test client and played around with it last night. It changes so many fundamental things about the game. Truly crazy. I'm so stoked that I've already watched 3 separate 2+ hour patch analysis videos from prominent people in the dota community. It's getting in the way of my work!