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TerRover? More like TerRible controls. 0

If you take a step back and look at all the little things that make up TerRover, you will see what looks like an amazing title. The art style is fresh and crisp looking, much like that of pixeljunk shooter. The gameplay feels like a combination of Trials HDs control scheme mixed with some puzzle/platforming aspects reminiscent of LIMBO. So whats not to like? Well a lot unfortunately. I’ll get to that in a bit. First let’s talk about what this game does right.The varying colorful levels is actual...

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I wish this game wasn't on my Record... of Agarest War 0

Record of Agarest war has some very interesting ideas. Take a strategy role-playing game and mix it with a Japanese dating-sim? Alright that could be pretty cool. Make the game span across five generations and at the end of each, you get together with the woman who loves you the most and make a baby. In the next generation you then play as that baby! That sounds great too right? Spice up the typical SRPG with some sexy anime ladies and overtly market the game toward lonely horny teenagers? Sure,...

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Scottie Pippin Vs. the World 0

Did you grow up playing video games? When you hear old school 8-bit music do you get hit with a rush of nostalgia? Do you like side-scrolling beat em ups? Then brother do I have a game for you.Just like Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The game is an amazing mash up of nostalgic video game references. If you’ve read the comic books or seen the movie, you’ll get a bit more out of the little touches that are put into the game, but even with no knowledge of the Scott...

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With the success of Street fighter IV not all too long ago, Capcom single-handedly revitalized a dead genre. In fact by the time Marvel Vs Capcom 2 came out, the fighting game market was oversaturated and specialized to the point where most video game fans just lost interest in fighting games all together. Yet there was something about MvC2 that stood out from all the rest. That particular brand of over-the-top crazy action combined with a giant cast of both obscure and recognizable characters m...

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Russian attic: Ex Parrot (I couldn't think of anything funny here 0

In the past few years a lot of developers have been taking their games from the vault, dusting them off, and breathing new life into them. We’ve seen games like Bionic Commando, Yars Revenge, and Secrets of Monkey Island brought back from the past. Part of what makes these games fun to play is nostalgia, but what really makes a great remake/reboot is when they take what made the older games fun and mix them with newer concepts and gameplay mechanics that weren’t around back in the day to make a ...

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Swarming with mediocrity. (Ha! That's kinda mean I guess) 0

Swarm is a very very strange game. It’s an awkward mishmash of Tony Hawk combo based scoring, Pikmin-ish style character controls, and the adorable murder of your own minions. The latest title from developer Hothead Games has a lot of really fun ideas that you rarely ever see together. And sometimes these ideas go together perfectly, but at other times they fail… hard.You are some kind of alien species that needs DNA; or to be more specific, your “Momma” needs DNA (I’m sure there’s a really good...

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Sid Meier's Civilidon'thaveanymorefreetimebecauseofthisgame 0

The Civilization franchise has been a mainstay of PC gaming since I was a child. Even though I never tried a Civ game until Civilization 4, I always had a deep respect and fear of the series. So when I first tried my hand at Civ 4 I was almost immediately overwhelmed and frustrated by the games vast amount of options and lack of instruction. So I tried Civ Revolution when that came out, but it felt too dumbed down from what the previous game had. Civilization V fixes all the problems I’ve had fr...

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Pinball eff exe too 0

It saddens me that over the years the popularity of pinball has fallen by the wayside. Let’s face it, unless you really seek out to find a pinball machine what are the chances that you’ll run into one at your local restaurant? Finding a good pinball video game is just a hard, either you’ll end up paying too much for too little, or the quality of the tables just won’t be there. Luckily Zen studios has your back covered with Pinball FX2 on the xbox 360.Much like Game Room or Hasbros Family Game ni...

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a.k.a. the game that made my mom cry because she couldn't beat it 0

Limbo is a game that sounds simple and familiar in premise, go from left to right, jump to avoid obstacles, solve puzzles to advance to the next area, and eventually find the princess, or in this case your sister. This is where the similarities to other puzzle/platformer games stop. The first thing you’ll notice once you start playing is the unique art style. There is no color in the world of Limbo only black, white, and various shades of gray in between. The visual style makes everything in thi...

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Lara Croft and the old review I'm posting 0

The years have been unkind to Lara Croft. Every sequel to the original hit Tomb Raider never quite lived up to the first, and in some cases just were just downright awful games. So when I head a new Tomb Raider game was coming out for Xbox live arcade, and that it was taking the series in a whole new direction, I thought "well it's gotta be better the Angel of Darkness right?" Actually, this is no Tomb Raider at all! This is Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, taking the game from a third pers...

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Bionic Commando Mustached 2 0

2008s Bionic Commando: Rearmed was a pleasant surprise. A high quality remake of the original NES game, with 2.5D visuals, packed with humor and 4th wall breaking. Unfortunately, after next years “Bionic Commando” for Xbox/PS3/PC was met with heavily mixed reviews and low sales, the developer GRIN shut down. Since then some individuals from GRIN (Grin-dividuals) came together to form Fatshark. A few years later and here we are! Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2! Who’da thought we would ever see another...

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Mega Man roman numeral X 1

 The Mega Man franchise is one that, for the most part, has stood the test of time.  It has had so many sequels and spin offs that most new gamers might not even recognize the side-scrolling platforming shooter as the original style of Mega Man game.  That is unless you played the last faux-retro Mega Man game they put out in 2008. Now I could go on and on about the controls, the feel, the look, the straight up style that this game exudes, but to be honest none of that really matters.  All I hav...

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Spoiler free review: Deadly Premonition 1

 I was on the fence about getting Deadly Premonition, I hadn't heard anything about it, in fact no one I knew had heard about it.  However every time I walked around my local game store something just stood out to me about the game.  Also the budget price of $19.99 helped a lot. Deadly Premonition is a game that you absolutely can not take serious.  If you want your games to have thrilling and fast paced action, if you crave intricate storytelling with interweaving plot lines, if you need your g...

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