I think I play too much NBA Jam

Despite rubber-band AI I still manage to completely dominate the computer in NBA Jam Tournament Edition. I've played the game so much that I can consistently win games by 25+ points despite ridiculous rubber-banding. The picture below is from one of the games I played today, where I only allow the computer to score 14 points. And I've only been playing the game for about a week after not playing it for months and it didn't take me long to get back in the swing of things. Are there any games that you completely dominate at? And no this was not tool-assisted, no save states, no slow down, just straight up NBA Jam.

 This is without save states or any other tools, just straight up jamming.

How I make gaming a very inexpensive habit

There is no doubt about it, new games are expensive....paying $60 a pop for a game that just came out is out of the question for me considering I already have another expensive habit....In addition to gaming, I also collect vinyl records and am building my physical music library, meaning I always buy CDs and never Mp3s....so that really adds up so I don't want to spend a ton of money on new games that I want to play, so instead I do something very simple, WAIT.....I constantly stay a couple years behind, so now that its 2011 I am now playing games that were released in 2009 and before, and getting them for a lot cheaper.....I typically never pay more than $20 for a game and usually pay under $10, the only time I get a full price game is when its for a birthday or christmas.....this means I can play more games for a much cheaper price....yeah I understand that in the couple of years I wait to get a game the online may be dead, but if the multiplayer died after only a couple of years it probably wasn't very good to begin with....also games tend to not hold my attention for long, I'll play the online multiplayer for awhile and get bored of it rather quickly which is what happened to me with Halo: Reach and MW2 for example.

So my question to you is, do you do something similar to me? Do you tend to stay a couple years or more behind times, waiting for games to drop to bargain bin prices?


An Update: Resurgence

After giving some thought I have decided that I still want to be involved in wiki editing on this site....I still no longer consider myself a part of the giantbomb community because I will not be looking at content on the site that isn't wiki involved and all my forum posts will be specifically in the delete & combine and editing & tools forums, and on peoples blogs (specifically Bruce and Video_Game_King, also a few others)....I feel like the staff and engineers largely ignore the wiki and often show their ignorance about it, and I still feel like concept pages are pointless and should be removed all together because there are so many bullshit concepts....However, I enjoy making edits and contributing to it even the most people on the site don't give a fuck about it, at least the few people that do care about the wiki can appreciate what me and other top editors are doing and that is what keeps me editing....Its good to have support and to be appreciated for what we do.
However, the points system is extremely broken and should be removed all together....people boost points by just adding a shit ton of shitty images just to get points....If it was removed that would weed out all the bullshit editors and keep the ones who actually make worthwhile contributions. As most of the moderators here know I am also very vocal about catching plagiarizers and the only reason plagiarism is a big problem on this site is because of the points system....people will make little edits until they get live edits then they plagiarize to increase there points and the fucking idiots think they won't get caught...either heavily increase the amount of points needed to be able to edit without moderation or get rid of the point system all together and give people live edits on an individual bases.
Also I don't understand why they can't make wiki specific moderators....there basically already are wiki specific moderators (i.e. Marino) so why not just make it official and split up wiki moderators from forum moderators and have a few master moderators that handle both the forums and wiki (i.e Hamz)....The wiki definitely needs more moderators that's for sure and I've noticed quite a few users who would be very good for the job such as LordAndrew. 
So to conclude this rant I'm pretty much coming back as a wiki editor but I won't be around as much as I use to due to the stuff I mentioned in the previous thread. See you guys around the wiki.


Leaving the site

Seeing as how I'm busy with college, trying to catch up on some games, and the fact that I have lost pretty much all interest in this site I am leaving the site. If you're wondering why I lost interest in this site its a combination of things but I'll spare you the details and just say I no longer like the content/staff nor how the site is engineered. I'll be around speed demos archive forums in case you wanted to know where you could still find me, same user name. Peace. 


Playing SSF4 with a gamepad sucks

I swear I can't do any of the special moves consistently except for the movement for Ryu's Hadouken....I rarely ever play fighting games and I admit I'm a noob at them but damn Super Street Fighter IV is not gamepad friendly at all....some fighting games allow you to at least be decent with a gamepad but I don't think this is one of those games, it pretty much demands you get a fightstick in order to be decent....I have to compensate with my gamepad so in order to do most of the super and ultra combos that require some sort of rotation I simply rotate the left stick like mad and constantly hit the button that corresponds to the ultra and it actually works really well and is the best way to get those ultra's out consistently on a gamepad.....but yeah I'm hoping to get a fightstick for this game soon so I can actually feel like I'm in control of what I'm doing rather than fighting with the left stick of my xbox 360 controller which sucks.


New Icon #13 - Dagger Paths

Forest Swords - Dagger Paths....I recently discovered this gem while searching through Pitchfork's recent album reviews....I was attracted by the band and album name, both are pretty badass....the music though is what really sold me on this band....its extremely unique and the best way to describe it is that its a mix between ambient and experimental....but unlike most experimental music I feel like Dagger Paths is fairly easy to listen to if you like ambient music, which not many people do so most people would probably be like "what the fuck is this shit?" and move on....but if you like some ambient check out this album
Songs To Listen To (link included)
If Your Girl
The Light

My Quest To Become One of The Best SMB Players In The World

 As many of you know Super Meat Boy is tough as nails and requires a ton of skill to beat. Well a couple of weeks ago I finally finished all 306 levels with A+ times and got all 101 bandages. At that point my world ranking was only around 80th in the world but after improving some of my times I shot up to around 50th in the world. And after the update I should move up even higher after all the 0.00 times are taken out (many of the top leaderboard spots are obviously glitched with lots of 0.00 times). Recently I have been really focusing on improving my times in world 2 and I managed to get the fastest time in the world on 2-16X (currently not registered at #1 because of all the 0.00 times but I should be after the update) and I'm in the top 20 in the world on many other levels in world 2. After I get my world 2 times where I want them I'll move to world 3 and onwards. I'll be trying to get in the top 20 in the world overall after the update then I'll see how far up I can get on the leaderboards after that. Wish me luck!
gamertag: New Zer0 Kanada


New Icon #12 - Black City

Matthew Dear - Black City...definitely one of my favorite albums of 2010 so far and very possibly could be my album of the year when all is said and done along with "Slowdance" being my song of the year.....if your an electronic music fan you definitely should check this shit out.