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what is the password again is it Floogan? I played dark souls twice.

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I started playing Dark Souls myself now, that only I can think about when I'm at work I do want to finish also. It might take me a while to see the credits roll.

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TImeZone: Central Time

Launch AC4

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Did a extra-life gaming marathon on Saturday an played through Red Redemption from Start to finish @RockstarGames for 25 hours.@giantbomb. Got my goal 115.00 for the kids.\gullumf

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gullumf: 1735-9976-8731

PM me if you add an I'll add back

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Meet Ryan Davis in PAX 2013 an been following Giantbomb since the website started.

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I'm going to PAX East but missed, the ticket sale on the Rock Band party wanted to see the Giantbomb guys at the party, I'll catch them on the panel. This will be my first Pax.

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I downloaded it, I played the first one I enjoyed so this should be good

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I'm currently using FEAR 2 theme.