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Always on hard. When there is an "extreme" mode I'll leave that for a second run, though often the highest difficulty is unlocked once you've beaten "hard". And most often I beat my games twice.

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The PSN game Magic Orbz is named "Magic Ball" on Giantbomb. This is the old name, the name has changed.. might be nice if both names appear in the list..

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oh sorry ineedaname, I was so sure the forum showed the same error, and it didn't ;)

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I altered a wiki page and I see that all the plus symbols are removed as soon as I save. This makes it harder to read.. 

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@mhkjtha said:
" windows 7 is fucking useless until they give us an option to turn off mouse acceleration. "
If you get a good gamers mouse (from razer from example) the drivers provided will give you the option to turn off acceleration. It kind of sucks that the OS doesn't support that option directly (Have this problem on Mac for years) but assuming you use a good mouse (else you wouldn't care) the problem is most likely already solved by your mouse manufacturer.