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I read through their bankruptcy petition. Turns out they owe $45,000,000 to the WWE.

Between your reply to and that bit of info. Do you know of anyone out there writing about THQ's bankruptcy with such detail/research? More interesting than just the fact/event reporting.

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So if this is broken, and is not going to get fixed. I suggest they remove the feature.

Here is the error I run into:

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A Dark Souls article on GB? What is this crazyness? know Dark & Demon Souls were a frequent topic on the podcast, right?

I guess not, or you wouldn't be asking.

I miss Rorie.


You're on point but P.Scoops is not purposely shitting on the developers. Yes the title of this piece comes off as lame in my opinion and you've clarified what else was going on. So instead of attacking him, just pile on the knowledge.

Also I don't think this port would have happened without Namco Bandai Games. They published it, did the marketing and have a community team. I am pretty sure they were the ones paying attention to the petition. Who knows what happened to get this ship on PC, or how much FromSoftware was paid and supported for the PC Port.

Lastly the engine they are using I don't know a ton about., wonder what kind of hurdles it already had in place. Having worked on PS3, its not like there is an abundant amount of Tools from SCE for even test.

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so still no N class wifi upgrade that nearly all newist devices have had for three years ?

No consoles support the 5GHZ band :( Even the Xbox 360 is only 2.4GHZ (N/G/B), its useless and weak. I have all my consoles hooked up to a switch, which is hooked up to a nice little wireless adapter.

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Here is the official blog post the piece does not link to, not sure if its the same as the press release:

The trailer is silly, but the text is fine. I'm not in the "this is awful" camp on this.

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What Jeff said about the game during the PAX Panel is dead on, they're trying to make a good game, the teams commited, but every time they open their PR mouth.....

Pretty much!

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Very hyped for the film and The International, 2012.

I hope all of the recent Valve news gets a news post.

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Anyone know where the Keynote's are being uploaded or archived at?

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Already a check in and sorta post-mortem on Phish?

Yo, scoops. I enjoyed this piece, its fucking killer. But you got me hungry now. I now seriously want to read about someone we don't already know a lot about.

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@Brad said:

@Spellbot5000: For someone who clearly cares so little about the game, you really spent a disproportionate amount of your life clicking through to this article and writing a comment on it. Why?

Wow, staff biting back. Certainly rare :)

I have been a fan watching video games getting played professionally and speed run for a long time and have absolutely loved the explosion of easy and accessible streaming. This piece was a surprise and I really liked it, nice work Brad. Also I really want to share my opinion on a statement you made towards the end.

@Brad said:

" I very earnestly believe there's no purer an expression of complex video game mechanics and the human ability to approach mastery of them than what's going on with pro-level StarCraft these days."

This is wonderfully put and my favorite sentence in the whole piece. The passion represented is exactly what any fan would say of their favorite competition to watch.

All I wanted to say is that, just because StarCraft 2 is your favorite and the game you understand the most does not make it the purest. I wouldn't say that about my favorite game that I watch over StarCraft now, DOTA 2. No one can discern which is the most pro. Other games have closely matched and sometimes bettered the StarCraft recipe in terms competitive game play.

Oh and yeah I am hyped for Heart of the Swarm.