My 1942: Joint Strike Review is Up...

And I gave it 3 stars. Check out here.

Other things:

Got the Mission Mode glitch in Ninja Gaiden II, which sucks. Hopefully it gets fixed quickly (Good thing MS pulled it down).

No review of the Puzzle Quest DLC, but I got hooked again to it even though I beaten the Plague Lord the day it came out.

N+ DLC is good being more N+ - I would buy more DLC later in the pipeline.

Comic-Con megapost tomorrow here and on G Unit Ver1's World.

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Going to SD Comic-Con on Sunday....

Yay for me I guess....

Hopefully I don't spend too much time in the Capcom booth playing Street Fighter IV!!!

This might be the best games showcase for Comic-Con yet with Capcom's amazing booth, Mortal Kombat vs. DC, Microsoft has a booth there I think, Sony's usual booth of stuff, and more.

Plus, shopping!!!

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A new home = A new beginning....

Hey party people, I am now officialy migrated to the Giant Bomb world too. Formerly slayerver1 on GameSpot, I made the switch as well to add my contributions to this site such as reviews and whatnot. This blog will be more of a notified version of when my stuff gets up like entries in other pages or reviews (Unreal Tournament 3 360 and 1942: Joint Strike soon).

My primary blog is still G Unit Ver1's World (check that too)...

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