My 1942: Joint Strike Review is Up...

And I gave it 3 stars. Check out here.

Other things:

Got the Mission Mode glitch in Ninja Gaiden II, which sucks. Hopefully it gets fixed quickly (Good thing MS pulled it down).

No review of the Puzzle Quest DLC, but I got hooked again to it even though I beaten the Plague Lord the day it came out.

N+ DLC is good being more N+ - I would buy more DLC later in the pipeline.

Comic-Con megapost tomorrow here and on G Unit Ver1's World.


Going to SD Comic-Con on Sunday....

Yay for me I guess....

Hopefully I don't spend too much time in the Capcom booth playing Street Fighter IV!!!

This might be the best games showcase for Comic-Con yet with Capcom's amazing booth, Mortal Kombat vs. DC, Microsoft has a booth there I think, Sony's usual booth of stuff, and more.

Plus, shopping!!!


My UT3 (360) Review is Up!!!

My first user review for Giant Bomb is up and it is for Unreal Tournament III on 360 (Also on my other blog too).

Coming soon reviews wise will be 1942: Joint Strike and the Puzzle Quest DLC.

I'm also going to check out the N+ DLC and Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode DLC too this week (Yeah Rock Band DLC as usual).


A new home = A new beginning....

Hey party people, I am now officialy migrated to the Giant Bomb world too. Formerly slayerver1 on GameSpot, I made the switch as well to add my contributions to this site such as reviews and whatnot. This blog will be more of a notified version of when my stuff gets up like entries in other pages or reviews (Unreal Tournament 3 360 and 1942: Joint Strike soon).

My primary blog is still G Unit Ver1's World (check that too)...