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Totally agree - SF4 Japanese voices for the win!!! Then again, some English voices are not that bad like Cammy's British accent.

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I don't think console SF IV has replay support of any kind.

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The competitive/tournament level fighting game scene is indeed a different beast, which is why fighting games are still alive and well (Street Fighter IV will indeed be the second coming). Watch match videos like these makes you want to step up your game a notch, but it is the amount of dedication that matters in which divides the tournament level players from the rest of the field.

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Assuming that January 8 is a Thursday, it should be out on PSN too. Then again, since the PS Store took this week off, it could be pushed to the 15th.

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I'm actually looking forward for the exclusive game reveals like Fight Night Round 4 (hopefully they deliver). I'm pretty sure the show will be the same as last year. Some games will deserve wiil win and some will robbed along with watching crappy bands perform.

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I posted the pics earlier....

Anyway, the roster count is at 24 with Gen, Akuma, Gouken, and Seth likely getting the top row and Sakura, Dan, Fei Long, and Cammy likely at the bottom for the console versions. I think that's enough characters and Capcom doesn't need to go crazy adding more to like 30+ (Tekken-size roster). Who knows how rival battles will play out with these characters as I'm speculating Fei Long/Dan, Cammy/Sakura, Gen/Gouken, and Akuma/Seth as rivals for now.
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Since you can't post user reviews for this game, I reviewed the Arcade version anyway at my blog here at GB and Blogger. Match videos are also in my GB blog as well.

Man, this game is amazing!!!

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A long post of hands-on impressions over at my blog here at GB.

Let's just say the game is still awesome after four hours of winning, losing, and watching.

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Super Arcade (Walnut, CA) now has Street Fighter IV in its halls along with Tekken 6. I'm going to check it out tomorrow.

Here's the official word...
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Formerly slayerver1 at GS, now GUnitVer1 at GiantBomb...

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