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Just a few more minutes...

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To me an envelope with a tidy sum in it is always welcome.

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Grave of the Fireflies, Hotaru no Haka, 火垂るの墓.

This movie... really, forget about Watership Down or Plague Dogs! This is a thoroughbred tearjerker! And most definitely nót for kids! Sure, there are some adorable moments in GotF, but mostly the movie depicts the atrocities of war as good as any war movie with real actors. Fear of air raids, loss of family members, horribly disfigured bodies, starvation and ultimately death. It's all in there.

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Grave of the Fireflies. That moment just before the boy cremates his little sister. That moment when he closes the basket and looks one more time at his sister's corpse. That got me.

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It's still a(n) (un)dead human body. Yep, you're totally a cannibal. But eating the flesh of a badly decomposed zombie...? Yuk! I choose to starve.

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He's what? Age 33, 34 maybe? That's still young. He's fine. He said he'd either food poisoning or the stomach flu. That can happen. However, I do worry about his weight. There's nothing wrong with living the good life, but in the long run it might affect his health.

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My favorite first-person-shooter from 2004(!). The remake of it, that is. Painkiller: Hell & Damnation for PC.

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Convulsions? Check. Mouth-Frothing? Check. Rolling eyes? Check. Syncopal episodes? Check. Yep, it's official. I suffer from Giant BombCast withdrawal symptoms. I need my fix really bad! Please, Ryan and consorts, hurry!

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The obligatory maimed face (scarred, burned, one-eyed, etc.) villain.

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Ánd the torment commences once again.