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@2HeadedNinja: Unless, of course, it's part of a dream sequence...

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@2HeadedNinja: If you move forward in the Episode screen menu to Ep. 5, you'll see that Clementine is depicted in there. She should be fine in Ep. 4.

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'NOW KITH! KIIIIIIIIIITH!' - Sorry, I don't get it. English is not my first language, btw. Can someone clarify, please?

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Nagging will not help the BombCast to be up sooner, but it makes me feel a whole lot better!

I Want Me BombCast!

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@Hailinel said:

Ive given up on the bombcast being up timely on Tuesdays. For me its a wendsday release from now on.

What are you talking about? It's not even 5PM Pacific.

I'm pretty sure he's from European shores. I'm from the Netherlands, and an early BombCast would be 10:00/11:00 PM over here.

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Come on, come on...! *in a childish nagging fashion*

Seriously, I need my fix guys!

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Of course, they are legally not permitted to vent their discontentment towards EA. There are more reasons they're leaving. But I can't help but feel it all builded up very recently. SW: TOR didn't do too well, their ME franchise turned into a cheap soap opera, etc. They're just done with how the industry is operating. The subterfuges they exert to make money is unheard off! It's the very reason my interest in gaming is waning as well. I hope the Doctors will develop new passions in life. According to their statements, there's no doubt about that. Be well, Dr. Ray! Be well, Dr. Greg! That interview by Brad will always be warm-heartedly remembered! Yes, you all know of what interview I talk about!

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I never understood why they chose to put the home version on the SNES. The Arcade KI was virtually an advertisement for the Ultra 64. Was it because the Arcade game had better hardware than the N64? And they couldn't make a faithful conversion to the N64. So they put it on the SNES to shroud the N64's graphical limitations. Or was it a data storage space problem?

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Occasionally. To keep the blood flowing/avoid pins and needles. That's reasonable, right?

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