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Several times with Jax's 'Ear Warmer' fatality.
Other then that, my hands are clean.
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The more hardship he had to endure the more he multiplied his swearing.

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Funny, i never had the urge play through a game again after i finished it, not even when i knew that certain games had multiple endings.

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I really hope for Tim Schafer this one's going to sell a gazillion copies, 'cause... i don't think he can handle another commercial failure that was Psychonauts.
With a power house publisher that is EA backing this product, it's highly unlikely that it's not going to do well..

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A Tim 'SLhafer' Game...?!

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This pretty much goes without saying, some entertainment to go is a necessity, so definitely pack your ds, psp or whatever generic handheld you own.

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@Willy105 said:
"They all probably smell like beer, so none."

So do i.
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Is a group hug allowed as well...?
All o' 'em!

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Like i said,

If there weren't any idiots, there wasn't any money to be made.
And by idiots i mean people who actually 'buy' this nonsense.

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There wasn't any money to be made.